Hiring For Fire Watch: What You Should Know

Hiring For Fire Watch: What You Should Know

The Role of Fire Watch Professionals

Fire Watch professionals provide peace of mind to property owners everywhere when they have an inoperable fire panel, alarm system, or protection system that needs monitoring. Fire watch patrol guards are meant to secure the premises, making sure there is no smoke, sparks, smells of gas, etc. If there is any suspicious activity (smoke, sparks, leaks, etc.), these professionals will notify the local fire department immediately, the client, and evacuate the building.

NFPA Compliance and Requirements

The National Fire Protection Association states that fire watch is required should any fire alarm system or fire protection system (e.g., fire sprinkler) become inoperable. Fire alarm systems that are inoperable after 4 hours within one 24-hour period, and fire protection systems are considered inoperable after 10 hours within the same period of time. Fire watch professionals must inspect any irregularities in a property, monitor the broken system, and notify whoever is on the property at the time (in case there is a fire and an emergency evacuation is implemented). Fire watch professionals perform fire watches for construction zones, commercial and industrial properties, apartment complexes, and even small businesses.

Importance of Fire Watch Patrol Inspections

Any property that has these types of fire watch systems will need to implement fire watch inspections or risk a hefty fine from the local Fire Marshal. Fire Watch patrol must monitor both the inside and outside of the property to ensure there are no sparks, smoke, or any irregular smells occurring during the repairs. This means checking all rooms, whether occupied, storage closets, rooms, etc., to monitor for smoke. Repairs to fire protection systems, whether alarms, sprinkler systems, etc., should be made immediately, as it may be exponentially higher to pay for a burned down building than to pay for fire watch protection. The protection is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the fire alarm or system is fixed to protect residents, tenants, employees, etc. from any sort of harm.

Immediate Action in Emergency Situations

If there is some type of fire, smoke, gas smell, sparks, or suspicious activity that occurs on the property during fire watch patrol, they must immediately report it to the local fire department and help evacuate the building. The most important thing during a fire watch is to make sure you hire a professional fire watch employee, as they are trained, screened, and background checked to ensure they are capable of securing the building.

Make The Guard Alliance Your Trusted Fire Watch Provider

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