Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What type of security guard services does The Guard Alliance Inc. provide?

A: We provide a wide range of security guard services, including armed guards, unarmed guards, firewatch guards and on-site guards with vehicle patrol. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll cater to your specific security requirements.

Q: Are your security guards armed or unarmed?

A: We offer both armed and unarmed guards to secure and protect property from theft, vandalism and break-ins. What you choose varies depending on the level of threat and protection required on your site. For example, armed guards are essential in high-threat establishments such as banks where there’s an increased risk of intrusion. Since they carry armor, they can quickly respond when situations arise and stop a criminal in their tracks.
Alternatively, unarmed guards can secure areas with a relatively low threat level. Their mere presence deters away criminals, keeping your property safe and secure.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a security guard?

A: The cost of hiring a security guard varies depending on many factors such as location, contract length, job requirements, number of guards and shift patterns. We offer competitive pricing for our security guards, ensuring you get value for your money. To get the exact price for hiring a security guard, contact us to request a quote.

Q: What cities does The Guard Alliance Inc. cover?

A: The Guard Alliance Inc. operates in multiple states across the US, including California, Austin, Phoenix, San Antonio, New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Portland and Dallas. Regardless of your location in the US, we can provide high-quality and unmatched security guard services. Click here to see a comprehensive list of the areas we cover and the contact information.

Q: Is The Guard Alliance Inc. accredited and insured?

A: The Guard Alliance Inc. is a state-licensed security guard company that’s fully licensed and trained to provide fire watch and security guard services. Each of our security guard services carries an insurance policy of up to $1 million, giving you peace of mind.

Q: What type of background checks do you perform on your security guards?

A: All our armed, unarmed, and fire watch guards go through multiple background checks, including prior employment, criminal history and personal references. They also undergo a stringent selection process and several drug tests and interviews before being hired. This ensures we only hire the best in the field.

Q: What type of training do your security guards receive?

A: Our security guards undergo highly extensive training programs that upgrade and update their skills and competencies. These programs train our armed guards, unarmed guards and fire watch guards how to remain professional and courteous in every scenario and de-escalate challenging situations.

Q: What areas do you specialize in?

A: The Guard Alliance Inc. specializes in commercial and residential security. We can protect retail stores, banks, construction sites, apartments, commercial properties, industrial sites, schools, office buildings and events.

Q: How can I contact The Guard Alliance Inc.?

A: You can reach us via email at contact@theguardalliance.com or call us at800-230-7015.


Our Aim



As a leading security company in the United States, we aim to:



Be Innovative


We know that the security industry is ever-evolving and constantly changing. That’s why we use advanced security technologies and new training methods to meet these changes. We’re dedicated to growing and improving our security guard services, fire watch services and unarmed and armed services to match the current security standards. We fully embrace technology and innovation and use it to provide unmatched services to our clients.


Be Professional


Our unarmed and armed security personnel maintain professionalism and a positive attitude in every scenario. They work with integrity and use proven tactics to ensure site safety and security.


Be Prepared


We’re always prepared for every situation, regardless of the severity of the emergency. Our security guards and patrol vehicles are fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to carry out their responsibilities effectively. They only use these tools when situations arise, so you rest assured of safety.



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