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Robust security is the top priority for all types of office buildings, from high-value tech companies to consultancies.

The Guard Alliance is the leading security service provider across many locations in the U.S. We specialize in offering 100 percent effective security solutions with highly trained security guards that include armed guards and unarmed guards.

Our highly competent security guards are high-level operatives, including security specialists, former police officers, and military personnel. Our armed guards and unarmed guards are BSIS Licensed and have extensive experience in handling wide-ranging complex security situations.

The Guard Alliance’s 24×7 office security services enable you to keep your office building, its contents, and your staff safe at all times. Our office building security guards are available on weekends and for night shifts, ensuring optimal security coverage of your property.

All our security guards diligently follow our clients’ as well as our own rules and regulations that include reading the job manual, maintaining daily logs, and following through on post orders. While being courteous, our security guards are agile, alert, and thoroughly professional.

With a keen awareness that your business needs change constantly, we offer flexible security services to adapt to your needs. Our customized security plan is designed to provide comprehensive security services no matter which industry your business operates in.

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