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If you own, run, or manage an office building, you probably know that your business faces an ever-growing concern for safety and security. From break-ins and vandalism to theft and robbery, your office building is susceptible to criminal attacks because it holds valuables and vital documents.

The Guard Alliance understands these security threats and offers unmatched security solutions to detect, mitigate, and prevent them. Whether your office building is large or small, our security guards can handle dispatch, monitoring stations, and console operations.

Our in-depth knowledge of office building security ensures we provide services that undoubtedly surpass your security objectives and expectations.

Office building protection

Picture this: It’s 4.00 a.m. on a cold morning. Your business alarm goes off, but it’s past working hours, and no one is in the building. What do you do?

Driving to your office building isn’t an option as you may not get there on time. And, even if you were to make it, there’s nothing much you can do as you don’t have the training or skills required for emergency response.

Alternatively, you can alert your local law enforcement for help, but this doesn’t mean they’ll arrive at the scene on time. Besides, if your alarm goes off all the time, the local police may not take it as a serious threat.

Working in such constant worry can not only impact employee productivity but also result in significant losses. Here’s where The Guard Alliance comes in. Every minute of every day, our armed guards and unarmed guards are ready around the clock to respond to emergencies and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

So, if your alarm goes off, you can trust our security personnel to handle the situation and check your office building from top to bottom. In the event of an emergency, we can notify you and the local authorities to ensure your property is safe and secure.

Our office building security guard service gives you and your employees the peace of mind you need to work efficiently while preventing significant business losses.

What we can do for you

There’s no limit as to what The Guard Alliance can do for you and your business. From security checks and patrols to on-site security personnel, we have everything you need to secure your office building 24/7.

Some of the security services we provide include:

  • Perform mobile patrols around the office building in highly visible vehicles
  • Enforce safety and security measures
  • Observe your office building and report any suspicious behavior
  • Guard the front desk, parking areas, and office grounds
  • Maintain visitor and client logs
  • Identify security threats and detect vulnerabilities in your current security protocol

Our office building security guards have years of experience in safety and security, so no threat or concerns are too big for them to handle.

If you want your security solutions tailored to fit your needs, contact us for threat assessment and risk analysis. As a top-rated office building security guard service, we understand that office buildings are different and don’t always face the same threats. That’s why we work closely with our clients to identify their security issues and concerns before developing security solutions that meet their requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a fire watch service or private security guards to escort VIPs, you’re bound to find a security solution just for you.

Keep your corporate office building running smoothly

Tons of people walk in and out of office buildings daily, and without proper security protocols, managing them can be difficult. The Guard Alliance ensures your office building runs smoothly by providing front desk security staff who represent the right brand image for your business.

Our armed guards and unarmed guards act with professionalism and friendliness, guaranteeing all your staff, visitors, and clients feel safe and secure in their presence. They welcome everyone who walks into your building, creating the right first impression for your business.

Our security guards also help visitors who need assistance and look out for unwelcome guests who pose a threat to your business. The mere presence of our security personnel allows your staff to go about business as usual without having to worry about their safety and security.

Let us help you focus on running your business

The Guard Alliance partners with clients to help them meet their bottom line. Whether that’s loss prevention, increased revenue, or property and asset protection, our office building security guard services meet your security requirements, allowing you to focus on your business.

We aim to provide the added comfort you need to run your business day and night with our trained security guards.

Don’t handle the stresses and headaches of office building security alone. Let us step in to develop comprehensive security solutions that detect, mitigate, and prevent security threats. Contact us today for top-notch office building security guard service.


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