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Security Guards for Hotels

With doors open to the public, your hotel is an easy target for intruders looking to steal, vandalize or damage property. Hiring a professional team of hotel security guards as part of your staff is a great way to protect your guests, employees and property and give your customers a comfortable stay.

At The Guard Alliance, our experienced security personnel are the perfect addition to your team, delivering courteous and skilled services to keep your hotel and its people secure. Our highly trained guards have the knowledge and expertise to identify potential threats, respond swiftly in emergencies and ensure your guests are at ease.

Customized Security Services for Hotels

Customized security services for hotels cater to the specific needs and unique layout of each establishment, offering tailored solutions for comprehensive protection. This personalized approach ensures that hotels receive the most effective security measures, addressing their distinct challenges and providing a safe environment for guests and staff. We can include any or all of our services for your hotel, such as:


Unarmed Guards

Utilizing unarmed security guards at a hotel provides a visible deterrent to potential wrongdoers, promoting a secure and peaceful environment for guests. Their dedicated presence not only enhances safety but also allows hotel patrons to fully enjoy their stay without concerns, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
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Armed Guards

Hiring armed guards to secure hotels enhances overall security measures, providing a robust deterrent against potential threats. Their presence not only safeguards guests and staff but also instills a sense of confidence, ensuring a secure environment conducive to a positive and worry-free hotel experience.
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Fire Watch

Hotels should hire fire watch security guards to ensure the safety of guests and property by implementing vigilant monitoring for potential fire hazards. The presence of these guards helps maintain compliance with safety regulations, promptly addressing and mitigating fire risks to create a secure environment for both guests and staff.
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Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrol security for hotels provides a highly visible and mobile deterrent, effectively deterring potential criminal activity across the premises. This proactive approach enhances overall security, ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and their vehicles.
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Benefits of Hiring Hotel Security Guards

From armed access control to celebrity guest escorts, we provide a host of services tailored to your hotel’s needs, including:

  • Thorough patrols: We conduct frequent lobby, hallway, communal area, parking lot and garage patrols to check for suspicious individuals, behavior or vehicles on the premises.
  • Extensive site surveillance: Our skilled team provides continuous CCTV camera and alarm system monitoring services to ensure every corner of your hotel is protected.
  • Swift emergency response: Our guards have the expertise to defuse, intervene, and respond quickly and calmly in dangerous situations, focusing on keeping your guests and employees safe.
  • Expert first aid services: We can provide medical assistance in emergencies, like first aid and CPR, until emergency medical service personnel arrive.
  • Friendly guest assistance: Our security guards act as an extension of your team, providing guests with directions and assistance where needed.
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The Experts in Hotel Security Services

The Guard Alliance is your partner in high-level hotel security and protection, backed by comprehensive industry experience and a commitment to delivering unparalleled service and client satisfaction. We consult with your team to develop an airtight security plan and emergency procedures for your hotel, ensuring optimal protection of guests, staff and property.

In addition, we train our experienced team to assess and identify risks effectively. With our licensed unarmed or armed security guards on-site, we will protect your hotel from unwanted visitors, theft, vandalism and violence, including guest altercations. Our fire watch service ensures your fire prevention measures and equipment are in place and in working order, mitigating

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Choose The Guard Alliance for Your Hotel Security Guard Needs

Working with The Guard Alliance gives you access to a highly capable team, many of whom come from the law enforcement and military sectors. We provide our team with regular and intensive training to ensure absolute proficiency in the latest hotel security techniques and equipment. 

The Guard Alliance is fully bonded, insured and licensed in numerous states and is the national leader in security services, supported by over 10 years of experience in the industry. 

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Avoid the risk of theft and criminal activity at your establishment with industry-leading hotel security guard services from The Guard Alliance. Let us tailor our services to deliver the protection you need. Speak to our team today to discuss how we can help you better protect your assets, team and guests.

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