5 Businesses That Can Benefit From Professional Security Guards

5 Businesses That Can Benefit From Professional Security Guards

Security guard professionals are able to secure and protect a multitude of different properties, and are certified by the state they reside in with the proper training and information to protect properties, places, and people. Although hiring security for your company may seem like a foreign action, or unfamiliar, many types of businesses have seen major progress by instilling security guards within their security plans. In this article, learn more about 5 businesses that can benefit from professional security guards.

Business That Should Hire Security Guards

With economic fluctuations and a fluctuating job market, hiring security officers to protect your property is becoming more and more normalized. More and more clientele are realizing that hiring security for a preventative service is still important, and can help to avoid tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. Professional security guards can bring significant benefits to various businesses. Here are five types of businesses that can greatly benefit from their services:

#1. Museums

Although not the first type of business that may come to someone’s head when thinking of security guards, museums are among the businesses that are hiring more protection for what they are promoting within their museum. With different names for museum security, sometimes known as “gallery attendants” or “visitors service aids”, they provide the strongest line of defense for suspicious behavior, transient activity, and in protecting the priceless pieces of history that museums tend to display. In more recent cases, climate activists have been targeting museums to protest, and in one instance, the museum guards were able to protect the paintings that were targeted and secure the premise before the police arrived.

#2. Hotels

Many hotels will have a door person or someone who maintains a presence in the lobby, and more and more hotels are hiring security guards to provide a stronger presence and to ensure that the hotel employees and visitors are safe and secure at all times. Hotel security guards are trained to monitor the FOB key card access, any management emergencies or guest emergencies that are in need of immediate response, crime and theft prevention, escorting transients out of the hotel and property, and overall protection from property damage.

hotel room door

#3. Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are hiring security guards to counteract the uptick in catalytic converter theft, car and vehicle theft, break-ins, and to ensure the safety of those who are on the property. Although most car agencies will layer their security plans with cameras, alarms, etc. this most likely will not deter car thieves who have experience stealing parts from cars within 10 minutes. With security guards present, this will stop transgressions from being attempted with a strong, visible, physical presence.

#4. Recycling Plants

Recycling plants have seen an increase in security guard services and professional protection, due to some valuable items, products, etc. that can be found in a recycling plant. Recycling plants do not only process garbage, and have many raw and valuable materials on site that need to be monitored around the clock.

#5. Residential Communities

The type of property with the largest increase in security services would be a community/residential area that encompasses 20-40 homes within the given area. Residential communities are now joining together, financially and even through their HOA to hire security because home invasions, car theft, crime, etc. is becoming more and more frequent in cities across the nation. Residents are now enlisting the trust of professional security companies to ensure that they, their property, and their lives are protected.


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