Security Guard Services In The Bay Area Are On The Rise

Security Guard Services In The Bay Area Are On The Rise

In this short read, learn why security services in the San Francisco Bay Area are on the rise, and what people living in these areas are doing to prevent crime. With the recent uptick of break-ins, car theft, catalytic converter thefts, and home invasions in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas, many are turning to hiring their own private security detail for their neighborhoods, businesses, apartment complexes, construction sites, and more to ensure the safety of themselves, their visitors, tenants, etc., and of their property.

Emboldened Criminals & Catalytic Converter Thefts

Catalytic converters are constantly being stolen in the Bay Area, but 2022 has marked the most catalytic converters stolen to date, with the assailants becoming more and more bold within their actions. One article even exposes how catalytic converters were stolen off of SF police department vehicles, showing the level of skill and boldness that these criminals have built up too. Arrests are rarely made, if ever. The local police departments in the Bay Area only recently were able to locate a recycling company in Fremont that had been sold over 300 catalytic converters by these assailants, and still, minimal arrests were made.

These continuous events have led many individuals to take control of seemingly unsafe and out-of-control areas, with people wanting to hire security professionals who are trained to patrol and monitor different types of properties, including banks, parking lots, large construction zones, high-rise buildings, neighborhoods, public, and private properties. Many agencies inquire for armed or unarmed guards in an unmarked vehicle, and companies like The Guard Alliance Inc. provide customers with customized solutions for their needs.

Security Guards are Becoming a Necessity

In an article written last year, the author highlights that the current 2021 data has shown a dramatic drop in prosecuting criminals for shoplifting cases, as well as other crimes, including burglary, vandalism, etc. Although this has not been confirmed as to why, many are now hiring private security teams to monitor their property, premises, cars, etc. with the rise of break-ins that has grown rampant in San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord, San Mateo, San Jose, and other major cities in the area. Another article written in August 2022, it shares how homicide rates in the San Francisco Bay Area are steadily increasing, with Oakland and San Francisco homicide rates rising almost 20% in the past 2 years alone.

The need for safety is becoming increasingly apparent, and with local law enforcement being seemingly spread thin, more and more people are turning to hiring their own security guards, detail, patrol persons, and other types of security to ensure that someone is always monitoring and patrolling their premises. To avoid potential break-ins in your area, for your business, apartment complex, neighborhood, etc. it is important to find a professional security company that can create an affordable solution that fits your needs.

Choose The Professionals at The Guard Alliance for Peace of Mind

The Guard Alliance Inc. provides armed security, unarmed security, unarmed security in a vehicle, armed security in a vehicle, and more within the security solutions that agencies are provided when they enlist us to help secure their property. Not only is 24-hour dispatch provided by our company for the clients and guards to have updated information as soon as it becomes available, but all of the guards who provide services for our company are certified, trained, with previous experience securing various types of properties.

Our professional security company requires all guards to complete detailed DARs (Daily Activity Reports), which are then sent directly to the client. This ensures that the client, our management, potential insurance companies for claims, and even the local police department (should a crime occur on the property) have evidence and detailed correspondence of any situation that may occur.

Request a quote online to get started, or give us a call to speak with one of our security professionals for more information.


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