How Are Security Guards Verified and Tracked Within The Security Guard Services Industry?

How Are Security Guards Verified and Tracked Within The Security Guard Services Industry?

Tracking and Monitoring Our Certified Security Guards

So, you completed the first step and hired a certified security guard from The Guard Alliance Inc., where we supply the most experienced and professional security guards. Now, you are having your newly hired security guard arrive at your property within the next week. You want to know if and how you can track them, find out reports about your property, contact them directly, and know they are performing the job you are paying them for. So how do you know if your security guards are performing their duties for your clientele, and how do clients know?

Screening and Certification

It is important to hire security guard services through a security company. We have a team track 24/7 so you receive the best performance and security from the guards we provide. Making sure a guard has the knowledge to perform, follow-up and thoroughly check all their certifications, guard card licensing, and background check to make sure they do not have a record is vital when hiring security. 

If they have their guard card, verify all valid permits (for armed security, please refer to the BSIS Firearms Fact Sheet), and other specificities that are sometimes required for certain jobs (taser permit, de-escalation training, and mental health certifications, etc.), then they are ready to secure property and businesses.

Interviews & Training

After verifying records, we move them to our interview process. They are interviewed by upper management, and they make sure that they would be a good fit for the company. Our interview process is overseen by our HR manager, an experienced, decorated military veteran. They re-screen the guards and make sure they provide adequate answers. They are introduced to our tracking system and are trained by our field manager, given uniforms, and brought on-site for their first post.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Every guard must have a proper phone, tablet, etc.. to be able to download our metrics tracking software, which is a large part of how we track our employees while on shift. The software we use provides real-time situational awareness of where the guard is, the last time he reported, what he reported, etc. and WE only have access to this tracking system to respect our guards’ privacy.

Our clients then receive digital (or physical when requested) reports on the hour, every hour, that detail suspicious behavior or non-suspicious behavior.

This is then sent directly to the client and our office, where we evaluate the combination of photos and written reports and make sure it is accurately done for our clients. We can see within our geolocation tracking how close the guard is to the site, if they stay on site, exactly what times they go off-site, if they clock in early, etc., and then follow up with a phone call by HR with a warning. If the site is large, say a larger construction site, we can individually edit all geolocations to make sure it fits the perimeter of the clientele’s property.

Transparent Client Communication

We do give our clients, property managers, etc. access to our guard’s phone number, as being in communication and contact with the property owner is a necessary part of a guard’s job. There are many different software to choose from, our specific software is called Novagems, and it is extremely reliable and accurate when checking in on employees.

With our geolocation tracking software, strict reporting, initial screening, and extra interview, our final employee base is made up of loyal, hard-working individuals. This is how more and more security guard companies are going to be tracking their guards, paying the actual hours they clocked in and out of the geo-fence surrounding the property they are patrolling, and more.

Experienced & Veteran Security With The Guard Alliance

Choose The Guard Alliance Inc. and know that experienced, seasoned security will be protecting your livelihood and interests. Request a free quote online or contact us for more information.


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