Different Types Of Security Guard Services

Different Types Of Security Guard Services

Understanding Different Security Guard Services for Property Protection

So, you have decided that you want to hire security guards for your property protection services. Whether the security services are for a car lot to deter vehicle robbery or theft, desk security for a large residential apartment complex, or foot patrol sweeping a large construction site, all security guards have are trained to perform general security guard duties for their client. Still, many are very different from one another, and it is important to note the differences before you request security guard services for your company.

Unarmed Security Officers: On-Site Foot Patrol and Desk Security

One of the most requested services that we receive proposals for as a security company is for our unarmed security officers, specifically on-site foot patrol. An unarmed guard is a guard that does not carry weapons that legally require a permit/carrying license/etc. in the state that they are working in. With unarmed security guards, they are trained to monitor and patrol the grounds, guard specific equipment, and are informed of specific post instructions by the clientele. On-site foot patrol is where security guards will patrol the grounds of the property on foot. These patrolmen provide a presence on properties that may not be very well-lit, commercial and residential buildings, and more. Desk type of security guard jobs will generally speaking, fall into the unarmed guard category as well. In most cases, providing a physical deterrent is armed security guards provide a strong presence on any property, as they are trained, screened, and licensed with their BSIS guard card and a carrying permit/licensing needed within the US state they work in. Armed security guards patrol and monitor the grounds, and are always on high alert of any suspicious activity, or potential threats.

Armed Security Officers: Vigilant Monitoring and High Alert

When hiring armed guards, make sure that you hire from a security guard company with the proper licensing, as they do screen each candidate and make sure they have up-to-date, proper licensing to be carrying a weapon. For more specific types of armed guard regulations, such as taser permit, stun-gun permit, pepper spray, concealed carry, etc. please check your state regulations, as some hand-gun permits may also act as a permit for a stun-gun.

Mobile Patrol/Roving Patrol

Mobile patrol/Roving patrol are another popular service request we receive from our clientele, but there are many different types of subcategories within this service. The most common and popular request we receive is unarmed on-site security with a vehicle. This means that on-site security will patrol the grounds of a specific location for 8+ hours, providing a strong presence within an unmarked vehicle.

This service is extremely popular because it is inconspicuous and provides less of a warning to those who may be trying to intrude on-to the property. As well, we provide armed on-site security in a vehicle, in case there is suspicious activity already occurring, and a strong presence is needed for complete coverage. Currently, our short and efficient mobile patrol visits are available within a few of our offices.

Industrial, Commercial, and Construction Site Security

Industrial, commercial, and security guards for large construction sites are trained to maintain composure and to be hyper-vigilant in all scenarios. All of our guards are able to provide 24/7 coverage for these types of sites and in most weather conditions. We provide our guards with a designated uniform, including a very durable outerwear coat, for protection against the elements when they are guarding. It is important to note that these types of guards must be given specific post instructions for where the tools will be, as property sizes may vary and pinpointing important areas to check is essential for total security.

Hire Security Guards from a Reputable Security Company

An important note to keep in mind is to make sure that you are hiring your guards from a security guard company, as hiring a “guard” without the proper licensing is not only against the law, but can result in potentially more harm being done to any property.

The Guard Alliance Inc. provides armed and unarmed security guards, mobile patrol units, fire watch patrol, and more within our services to our clientele. Please call or request a quote below, and our Sales Department will reach out to you as soon as possible with more information. With over 20 years of experience, we provide peace of mind for a wide range of low risk and high risk security solutions.

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