Same-Day Security Guard Services, Fire Watch, & Other Emergencies

Same-Day Security Guard Services, Fire Watch, & Other Emergencies

Handling Emergency Situations – Protocols and Expertise

At times, an emergency request is to have guards be sent to a client’s site as soon as possible. At other times, the emergency is when the guard is already on the site and dealing with a potentially problematic situation. How guards deal with emergency situations, break-ins, suspicious behavior, etc. differs from client to client in escalation. If a guard watches a crime being committed, the standard protocol is to call the police and guard from a safe distance, as security guards are seen as reliable witnesses.

Emergency Security and Fire Watch Services

Sometimes, businesses need emergency security guard services for a week or two, or immediate fire watch services due to an emergency (broken fire panel, fire inspection, etc.). This leads them to contact security and fire watch companies. Luckily, The Guard Alliance Inc. provides emergency services as much as we can when plans fail and immediate service is requested. Security guards are trained to secure a multitude of different types of properties, and are trained to be able to adapt within a short amount of time. Through their Guard Card training as well to become a licensed security guard, guards are trained to handle emergency situations as well.

Same-Day Quotes and Coverage

When companies request fire watch services or security guards for same-day service, they fill out a new client form to notify our management team about the type of service they need, or they need to call our main line to request a quote over the phone. Four inquiries, our questions for immediate service are almost identical to our normal quote questions. How many guards, type of service needed (armed security guards, unarmed security guards, fire watch services, or mobile patrol), the duration and schedule of service, the address of service, full name and email will all be relevant questions for our security guard services.

We then send this information to our sales department, who evaluate each specific quote, location, type of property, and duration of the quote to give the most fair and accurate estimate possible. With same day quotes and service, we work with our guards and flex officers to make sure we are able to find coverage. If we are unable to find coverage at the requested start time, we will work tirelessly to provide coverage as soon as we have availability within our guards.

Emergency Measures and Communication

If there is anything deemed an “emergency” type of situation (break-in, physical altercation, etc.) our guards are trained to call dispatch and the authorities as quickly as they can. Security Guards do have certain rights normal civilians do not when they are working, but with any type of “dangerous” emergency ( our guards determine what is dangerous, as they are trained too), local police departments, our client, and our dispatch are notified right away. If this occurs, our security will also turn in a report to the client, and sometimes a police report if needed, as security guards are seen as credible witnesses.

When hiring emergency fire watch or security services, or when there is an emergency on site, our dispatch is informed immediately. For same-day emergencies for coverage, dispatch works tirelessly with our scheduling department to find coverage for our clientele. For emergencies on site, dispatch will work with our guards, notify the client, and make sure the authorities are contacted as soon as possible.

Prioritizing Client and Guard Safety

Our security guards safety is our main priority, as well as the safety of our client’s and their property, but we always make sure that our guards are safe before covering a site, or when there are threats that transpire on a site. Our management reviews sites before sending estimates, which is why a small property may have a smaller estimate then a large apartment complex. If the client’s site is potentially dangerous, we fully inform our security guards to stay transparent. It is important to be transparent as a potential client for same–day services so our management can provide a guard who is aware and able to successfully guard the property.

Trust The Guard Alliance for Emergency Security Services

When it comes to emergency security services, The Guard Alliance is your trusted partner. We understand the critical nature of handling unforeseen situations promptly and effectively, and our team of highly trained security guards is equipped to respond swiftly to any emergency request. Whether you need immediate on-site presence due to a break-in, suspicious behavior, or require emergency fire watch services, you can rely on us to deliver the highest level of security and protection. Contact us today or request a free quote online to get started.


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