What is the Cost of Hiring A Security Guard?

What is the Cost of Hiring A Security Guard?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, security guards have become more and more popular with various types of businesses, from small businesses to medium sized agencies to large corporations. With buildings closed for months, remote work creating more vacant lots and locations, security guards have been increasingly utilized by returning customers, with the overwhelming majority being new clients. In this blog, learn what the cost is of hiring a security guard for your company, and what to expect when utilizing services from a professional security guard company.

The hourly rate to hire security guards differs from county to county, and the customized rate for service includes several different factors that may potentially lower or raise the rate. Clients can expect to pay as little as $25 per hour for services, whereas some services may go for the rate of $85 per hour.

Type of Guard:

Unarmed security guard services generally are less expensive than armed security guard services, as to become an armed security guard requires more certifications and permits. Armed guards, depending on the longevity of the quote, will cost a client higher, as these properties may also be at a higher risk for a serious crime or for prior security issues. Unarmed guards are trained to be able to handle all of the same situations armed guards are, but they do not have any type of weaponry.


The location of the property that may need security services will affect the rate, as the rate is also based on the pay rate for security guard services in the area. A security guard in San Francisco will be at a higher rate than a guard in Austin, Texas, as the cost of living in the San Francisco area for security guards is much higher than the cost of living in Austin, Texas.

Prior Security Issues:

For high-risk properties that may have had a serious crime committed (i.e. armed robbery, physical assault, bodily harm type of crimes), security guards on the property are potentially at risk of being harmed themselves. With these types of properties, clients will still be able to hire an armed or unarmed guard service for the property, but the rate may be higher, as only the most trained and experienced guards are able to handle these types of properties.

Hours of Operation:

For services that need security guards for 4-6 hours a day, depending on the availability of the staff, will tend to be a higher rate than an 8+ hours service. This is due to the fact that most security guards are given the option to accept shifts, and most guards in general will not be open to only working 5 hours a day. Providing a full shift with a minimum of 8-hours for daily services will lower the rate, as many companies will not have the availability to provide services for 5 hours a day.

Longevity of Service:

Clients are able to inquire for both long-term and short-term services when reaching out to a professional security guard company for private security services. If a client needs services for only a day, the rate will tend to be higher than a long-term security guard service, as the availability for a security guard for one day is much smaller than the availability of a guard for 7+months. Providing a duration for services can definitely affect what the calculated rate will be.

How To Save Money On Security Guard Costs:

Create a Security Guard Budget

Many potential clients who reach out to security guard companies with request of service inquiries are not entirely sure of the cost of services, and that is perfectly acceptable. Having a budget and sharing it with the security guard company representative may help them to create a service package that fits within your budget and needs. Transparency is key!

Receive Multiple Bids

For new and returning customers, we recommend that you reach out to several different security guard companies for rates so you can ensure that you and your company are receiving the best service and value.

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Hiring security guard services does not have to be overly expensive or overwhelming, but with any service that you may want to start with, it is always important to research the specifications of what you are looking for. This way, you can ensure that you will be receiving the services that are most specific to your/your company’s needs.

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