Tips On Security Guard Services For Industrial Properties

Tips On Security Guard Services For Industrial Properties

In this article, learn tips on security guard services for industrial properties, sites, and beneficial information to keep your industrial site safe & secure.

Enhancing Safety & Security for Industrial Properties

Warehouses, construction sites, and other large properties face a multitude of issues when it comes to trespassing, vandalism, car break-ins, sabotaging, and overall damage to properties. For industrial properties, there are some important things to keep in mind when smoothing out the safety and security of the property. Within industrial sites, factories, plants, and similar types of properties, they hold extremely expensive machinery and equipment that can cost up to half a million dollars to replace.

Security guards are a great preventative measure that costs a fraction of the price, and also are a great way to ensure the safety of your employees and faculty at each site. With industrial security, they are prepared for break-ins, theft, and are trained to handle situations that call for a physical presence. According to the 2016 Construction Site Theft Statistics, less than 25% of stolen materials from these types of properties are recovered. Overall, it is over 1 billion dollars annually that is stolen from these types of properties.

A Blend of Guards, Cameras and Communication Systems

Hiring enough security guards to cover a fifty thousand square foot structure may be more costly than effective, but we suggest a mix of security guards, security cameras, and access to walkie-talkies or some type of communication system with a guard who is watching the cameras seems like the most efficient way to secure the property. This way, communication is always on and if crime is spotted in some area the guard is not in, the cameras will let one guard know, who will use a telecommunication device to notify the other guards who are securing the site. This helps cover more territory, and keep hiring costs down.

Our recommendations are that there should be security guards as well as cameras installed that can easily connect to the properties wifi, (many stores sell them for under 120$). This specific outdoor camera has night vision, and is motion-censored as well. Then, it would be to install outdoor solar-powered lights as well around the premises, not only for the people on site but for the police, should any crime occur. It is important that the guards have a quick way to communicate, and whether it is a site phone or a walkie-talkie, they should have access to some type of instant communication. Then, we recommend hiring  2-4 security guards with one watching the cameras during their shift, and the other 2-3 patrolling the grounds (based on size of location). This way, should any type of threat occur, all guards will be able to pinpoint the exact location within minutes and be able to provide back-up, depending on the situation.

Hire Certified Guards for Your Industrial Site

Warehouses, factories, and construction zones are commonly struck by criminal activity because of the remoteness of location, and the vastness of the sites. Vandalism, also known as street tagging, is prevalent as well within industrial sites due to how large they usually are, and how catching someone in the act of a crime is much harder than a well-lit apartment complex.

The Guard Alliance Inc. security guards are certified and trained to handle all types of industrial sites, and are experienced as well in securing them for our other clientele. Request a free quote online today to get started or for more information on how to hire our security guards, please reach out to with details of your inquiry or call 800-230-7015.

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