How Much Do Security Guards Make?

How Much Do Security Guards Make?

Earnings in the Security Industry

Security guard services are continually growing in popularity within popular cities in every state due to break-ins and theft increasing as well. With this increase in criminal activity, security guard services are being turned to. One of the major questions that people who want to go into the security industry have is how much will they make. This question is more of a range per state than a definite answer, as there is no specific answer.

With only 3-4 weeks of training to become a certified security guard professional, it is a great opportunity for those who are qualified and who want to make more than minimum wage and have an opportunity to grow within a company that also provides benefits.

Requirements for Security Guards

The requirements for security guards vary from company to company, but there are standards that every company requires from their employees. To even be considered as an employee, you will need to have a valid guard card and pass a background check and drug test. We then screen candidates to inquire if they have firearm permits, or are applying to be an unarmed guard or an armed guard.

Understanding Salary Ranges for Security Guards

Armed security guard professionals tend to have a higher rate than our unarmed guards due to the requirements and money spent by the individual guard to maintain a firearms permit, the actual cost of the firearm, and the training required to maintain the permit.

Both photos are provided by the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website

On the website known as , they shared that the “average Security Guard unarmed salary in the United States is $34,196 as of April 26, 2022. The range typically falls between $30,559 and $38,532.” This equates to about 16$ an hour as a base pay, but factors that may change the pay would be location, experience, time at the company, and areas where the guard will service. Rates do change by location, as an armed security guard in San Francisco would have a higher hourly rate than one in Stockton. As well, how much a security guard makes relies on the cost of living in their state, as the cost of living in California is greater than many states in the midwest, so the wages would be higher as well.

Our Salary Ranges at The Guard Alliance

The Guard Alliance Inc. provides rates from 16-25$ an hour, based on location, type of guard, experience, and other factors. As well, we provide our guards with PTO, sick leave, and full benefits from the start of employment. Many companies do not provide PTO, benefits, or offer flexible schedules for their employees. As we move forward into the future, it is important for all companies to provide support, benefits, and PTO for all of their employees.

Studies have shown that an increase of wages, providing PTO, and providing benefits to employees significantly lowers the turnover rate.

Choose The Guard Alliance

Security guards and fire watch patrols are essential to all businesses and the people who work these jobs are essential as well. This is why security officers are paid higher than minimum wage and receive benefits as soon as they are hired. It is extremely important to make sure security guards feel valued, as they provide services that many companies could not operate without. If you’re ready to work with us, fill out an application online.

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