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Having a reliable and professional fire watch system in place can provide peace of mind for homeowners, businesses and organizations. When there is a malfunction or absence of fire prevention or firefighting devices, a fire watch personnel can help safeguard your property in the event of an emergency.

Our modern homes and businesses are full of potential fire hazards and sometimes automatic fire prevention systems let us down. Fire sprinklers may be out of service or not work appropriately, fire alarms may fail, and there may be a higher risk of fire for various other reasons – such as bad wiring, flammable materials, or the equipment and activities taking place on-site. These kinds of factors can lead to dangerous situations if a fire were to break out unnoticed. However, with our fire watch services, we give you the best in fire prevention.

Benefits of Fire Watch Security Guards for Your Business

As a building owner or property manager, utilizing a capable fire watch security team can provide numerous benefits for your organization:


Promotes Safety


24/7 Coverage


Impartial Insight

Armed Security Guard Services Professional

Peace Of Mind

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When Are Fire Watch Services Used?

A fire watch company may be necessary for any area or situation where “hot work” occurs. Examples of fire watch for hot work include work processes such as welding, brazing and cutting. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires the presence of fire watchers in specific circumstances that pose a higher fire risk.

Permanent, temporary, or emergency fire watch services are also available to deploy immediately to emergencies at these sites:

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Why Do Businesses Hire Fire Watch Security Companies?

Fire watch companies are invaluable to businesses because they help protect their physical and human assets. Most organizations don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to manage all the fire risks that impact their operations. A professional service can check for potential fire hazards and notify management personnel or the property owner so they can take appropriate mitigation steps.

Violating the stringent OSHA safety regulations — even unintentionally — can lead to costly fines and penalties. A fire watch guard service can identify improper practices, procedures and situations that could result in noncompliance. It can also assist with developing an acceptable fire safety plan.

States and municipalities implement fire codes that companies within the jurisdiction must abide by to avoid violations. Fire watch services can ensure that all facilities are following the regulations.

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What to Expect With Our Fire Watch Services

Before beginning our fire watch procedures, we will conduct a tour of your premises if necessary, setting up the patrol area as well as the property that needs our care. Following best practices and state laws, we also provide clients with full documentation of all the areas patrolled and our fire watch plan. During a fire watch, our fire guards stay on site until safety is confirmed. Our team utilizes a fire watch checklist to ensure sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire emergency alarm systems, and any other fire detection systems have been inspected, authorized by the fire marshal, and are fully operational.

The fire watch personell will perform these duties:

  • Observation: The guards will scan the location for potential fire threats to ensure early detection of a blaze before it spreads. At larger sites, they will conduct mobile patrols in vehicles.
  • Logging: As the guards make their rounds, they will record information that could be helpful in the organization’s fire prevention efforts. For instance, they can note potential fire hazards such as blocked emergency exits or a lack of fire extinguishers in a high-risk area.
  • Initiate emergency response: If a fire occurs, the guard will ensure the activation of all in-house fire system alarms and contact emergency services and the organization’s management team.
  • Evacuation: Guards will assist people in safely exiting the building or site while following the predetermined evacuation plan.

Where We Provide Fire Watch Services

The Guard Alliance is a trusted provider of professional fire watch guard services, catering to major cities across the United States. Our mission is to prioritize safety needs and peace of mind by offering reliable and highly trained fire watch officers in various states. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to professionalism, The Guard Alliance is the preferred choice for fire watch services in major cities throughout the United States.

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Why Choose The Guard Alliance for Fire Watch Security Services?

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we have a leading fireguard team with many years of experience. This is what makes us the best choice for your fire watch needs. We offer our fire watch services to various industries including construction, medical, financial, industrial, schools, and residential neighborhoods, among others.

Our fire watch security guards are well trained and knowledgeable. They can take care of your premises while ensuring safety for your equipment and employees or residents. Our team can also offer assistance whether you are installing a new fire protection system or need to repair your current fire alarm system.

We are available 24/7 and respond immediately to any emergency. On top of that, our training guarantees that every fire watch security guard knows and understands state and fire marshal procedures and can deliver detailed reports. Additionally, we always keep close contact with the client and the local fire department. This ensures that we can provide the most effective solution in case things go wrong.

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High-Quality Fire Watch Security Guard Services


No Long Term Contract

With The Guard Alliance Inc, you will be able to constantly change the schedule of the service if needed or cancel services at any time no questions asked.

24-Hour Dispatch Center

Any serious security company will have a 24h manned dispatch center. It allows our guards and supervisors to always be in contact with our managers during incidents and emergencies. Our clients also have the ability to reach us 24/7 even during holidays for last minute instructions or changes.

Gps Monitored Guards Tours

Our fire watch security guard service comes with state-of-the-art guard tour and tracking system free of charge. Our dispatch center monitors our guard’s every move on your property. We verify all patrols, tours, break durations, clock in and out time to make sure you get exactly what you’re paying for. The Client also will access to this data. A Daily Activity Report (DAR) is sent to the client every morning.

Licensed — Bonded — Insured

The Guard Alliance Inc is fully bonded and insured above required limits. Our insurance policy pays up to $1 Million per occurrence ($3Million). We also can acquire extra policy coverages for special jobs per client request.
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Our Success Stories

This company was absolutely fantastic in providing us with night time security for our vacant property in San Francisco that was being renovated for sale. They were able to get us someone very quickly, and their guards were extremely dependable, reliable, professional and competent, always calling ahead of shift to check in with us. Their staff responded to my questions very quickly and their communications were always very clear and helpful. I would recommend this company very highly to anyone seeking security assistance.

We are very pleased with The Guard Alliance Inc.’s performance. They provided parking lot security of our staff lot, after series of vandalism issues. A special thank you to our wonderful security guard, Robert who is very professional and attentive to our staff’s needs. The office personnel, were also a pleasure to work with, always willing to accommodate our needs. I do recommend The Guard Alliance Inc. to anyone needing cost effective and reliable security services.

My company has booked armed guards many times through The Guard Alliance, from private & public events to music video shoots, the guards are always polite, professional, and extremely helpful. They show up on time and know how to do their job, often going above & beyond their job description. I’ve always had positive experiences with them.

I hired The Guard Alliance Inc. to provide service overnight for my property in San Francisco. The Guard Alliance did a tremendous job in protecting my property from transient crime and vandalism. I would hire The Guard Alliance Inc. again in a heart-beat should the need arise. I highly recommend The Guard Alliance.

My company hired Guard Alliance Inc. to help assist me with my property due to our front door breaking, which became a huge security risk for our condominium building with more than a hundred units. The security team sent a guard every night to watch our building. We had been having burglaries for the past few months and this was so important to have overnight protection during the front door break down. They saved us! Thank you so much to the guard alliance team! The guards were great to work with as well. Awesome job!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Watch Guards

What is the role of a fire watch security guard?

A fire watch security guard is responsible for monitoring areas or buildings that have fire safety systems (fire sprinkler system, smoke detectors, fire alarm system, etc.) temporarily out of service or during fire-related emergencies. Their primary role is to provide fire protection services such as detecting and responding to potential fire hazards, ensure the safety of occupants, and take immediate action in case of a fire incident.

When is fire watch security required?

Fire watch security is typically required when fire safety systems, such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, or fire suppression systems, are not operational or during construction, maintenance, or renovation projects that may increase fire threats. It is also necessary during events where large crowds gather and fire safety measures need to be monitored closely or where hot work is being performed.

What are the qualifications of fire watch security guards?

Fire watch security guards should undergo training specific to fire safety and emergency response procedures. They should be knowledgeable about fire hazards, evacuation protocols, and the proper use of fire extinguishers. Additionally, they may need to obtain certifications such as Fire Safety Director or fire guard certification, depending on local regulations.

How long should fire watch security guards be present?

The duration of fire watch security guard presence depends on the specific circumstances and safety requirements. It may vary from a few hours to several days or more, depending on the duration of the fire safety system outage, the ongoing fire risk, or the duration of the event or construction activity.

Can fire watch security guards perform other duties?

Fire watch security guards are primarily focused on fire safety and emergency response. While their main responsibility is to monitor and respond to fire hazards, they may also perform additional duties related to security, such as access control, patrolling the premises, or reporting any suspicious activities. However, their primary focus should remain on fire watch duties.


Protect Your Property With Our The Guard Alliance Inc Fire Watch Services

Always keep in mind that fires are a real threat and should only be taken care of by experienced and well-trained professionals. Our fire watch team promises to provide you with a fully customized quote to cover the region required for a fire watch. Our aim is to secure you and ensure the well-being of your premises, family or personnel by providing a valid, reliable, and safe solution for all your residential or commercial fire prevention needs.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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