Common Reasons for Fire Breakouts At Workplaces

Common Reasons for Fire Breakouts At Workplaces

The Importance of Fire Safety Measures

We all know that accidents can occur and do occur at office buildings. There are some that are quite common and then there are some, although not so common when they happen, cause serious damage to both property and people. One such accident is fire and explosions. Both of these accidents can be deadly and even if they do not cause any injury or death at the workplace, they can certainly damage the property and stock, both of which will hugely impact the business. In addition to that, if found at fault, you can face litigation problems too.

As you can see, the consequences of a fire breakout can be rather serious. This is why it is recommended that business owners hire fire watch services at their workplace, commercial facilities to prevent fire and explosions from occurring and causing costly damages to property, and at times, to lives.

Common Causes for Fires in Commercial Settings

In this blog, we will tell you what are some of the common reasons for fires in offices, buildings, commercial facilities, etc. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Faulty Electrical Equipment

One of the most common reasons why fires take place at workplaces is faulty electrical equipment. Overloaded plugs, loose wires, and faulty connections can lead to massive electrical fires. And since they happen at all sorts of places such as offices, warehouses, and workshops, this is the reason why faulty electrical equipment is the number cause of fires. Fire watch guards, if hired, can look for dangerous electrical equipment in time before they become a source of a massive fire breakout

2. Presence of Flammable and Combustible Materials

Next comes the presence of flammable and combustible materials. Many commercial settings and garages have these materials. In order for them to go off like an explosion, a mere spark from a circular saw or electrical equipment is enough. If these materials are properly stored and kept away from fire sources, then the chances of fire accidents go down considerably. A fireguard can ensure this quite effectively by patrolling the area where these materials are stored

Close up hand Fireman,Firefighter holding the fire extinguisher.

3. Lack of Fire Safety Measures

It is surprising to see that a lot of businesses simply assume that fire accidents will never take place in their commercial setting and we too hope that such an accident doesn’t happen. But the truth is, they do. And this is the reason why it is essential to have all the right resources and equipment to deal with fire accidents if they do occur. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. should be installed and must be regularly checked for their proper functioning. Not having them will make it extremely difficult for the staff to stop the fire

4. Arson Threats

You never know what your competitors are up to. There have been many incidences where an unknown person secretly entered a business site and caused a deliberate fire. Arson is another major reason for fires and explosions at workplaces and commercial sites. The best way to deal with such a threat is to hire professional fireguards. They will keep an eye on who is going in and out of key areas of the commercial building. No unknown person will be allowed to enter the site.


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