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Here at The Guard Alliance Inc, we provide onsite professional security guards who provide 8 hours or more of onsite coverage in a vehicle. With more than two decades of collective experience in security guard patrol services. Our patrol team can customize a unique patrol plan to meet the needs of your property. We offer on-foot roving patrol security for smaller properties or a roving guard in patrol vehicles for larger properties.

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Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol Services for Your Business

Roving security guards offer a range of valuable benefits that significantly enhance the security and protection of your premises.


Increased Deterrence


Rapid Response


Efficient Coverage

Armed Security Guard Services Professional

Security for Remote Areas

Security Guard Professional

Versatility & Flexibility

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How Vehicle Patrol Services Can Help Your Business

Our vehicle patrol services periodic and random monitoring, helping to:

  • Deter vandalism, theft, and trespassers
  • Detect and deal with emergencies and fires
  • Provide rapid response to emergencies
  • Notify fire and emergency services and local law enforcement of an emergency

How Security Patrol Services Protect Your Property

When you chose our roving patrol services, we will first assess your property, check for critical vulnerabilities and areas of concern. We will then develop a plan of action tailor fit to your requirements. Your assignment will then be handed to our patrol division for scheduling. Our driver guards once on your property will park, get out of the vehicle to foot patrol the property and vehicular patrol for an 8 hour shift or more. The guard will check all areas listed in the post order, making sure there are no trespassers, vandals or any other unauthorized subjects on the property. In case of an incident, the guard will remain on the property until the issue is solved. This includes calling and waiting for the police if necessary.

Where We Provide Security Guards With Patrol Vehicles

The Guard Alliance is a trusted provider of professional patrol vehicle guard services, serving major cities throughout the United States. Our mission is to prioritize safety and peace of mind by offering reliable and highly trained guards with patrol vehicles in various states. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to professionalism, The Guard Alliance is the preferred choice for patrol vehicle security guard services in major cities across the United States.

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Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in California

  • San Francisco Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Oakland Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Sacramento Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • San Jose Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Los Angeles Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • San Diego Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Concord Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Walnut Creek Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Riverside Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Texas

  • Austin Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Houston Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Dallas Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • San Antonio Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Oregon

  • Portland Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Washington

  • Seattle Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Arizona

  • Phoenix Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Nevada

  • Las Vegas Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Georgia

  • Atlanta Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Florida

  • Miami Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Tampa Patrol Vehicle Guard Services
  • Orlando Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Illinois

  • Chicago Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Minnesota

  • Minneapolis Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Maryland

  • Baltimore Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in North Carolina

  • Charlotte Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in New York

  • New York City Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Michigan

  • Detroit Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Colorado

  • Denver Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Massachusetts

  • Boston Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Patrol Vehicle Guard Services in Missouri

  • St. Louis Patrol Vehicle Guard Services

Why Choose Us for Your Mobile Security Guard Patrol Services?

In your research online, you will find many security companies providing vehicle patrol services; however, not all of them live up to their promises. At The Guard Alliance Inc, we always deliver on our word. Here are some of the reasons why you will not go wrong with us.

  • Our vehicle security patrol services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and are fully customized to meet your unique needs. For each patrol job, you can choose the days, rounds, and approximate hours per round as per your needs.
  • Our vehicle patrol frequency is determined by you.
  • We have a large fleet of marked patrol vehicles that are ready to make visible rounds of your property in random patterns. All these vehicles feature emergency equipment and first aid kits, have low mileage, are GPS tracked, and are in excellent working condition.
  • We have a team of experienced driver security guards who are ready and waiting to conduct periodic patrols of your entire facility.
  • The Guard Alliance Inc. is bonded and licensed to operate in California for your peace of mind.
  • We provide foot patrol throughout all common areas, including buildings, mechanical and storage rooms, front and backyards, corridors, and other areas specified in our action plan.
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High-Quality Mobile Patrol Guard Services


No Long Term Contract

With The Guard Alliance Inc, you will be able to constantly change the schedule of the service if needed or cancel services at any time no questions asked.

24-Hour Dispatch Center

Any serious security company will have a 24h manned dispatch center. It allows our guards and supervisors to always be in contact with our managers during incidents and emergencies. Our clients also have the ability to reach us 24/7 even during holidays for last minute instructions or changes.

Gps Monitored Guards Tours

Our mobile patrol security guard service comes with state-of-the-art guard tour and tracking system free of charge. Our dispatch center monitors our guard’s every move on your property. We verify all patrols, tours, break durations, clock in and out time to make sure you get exactly what you’re paying for. The Client also will access to this data. A Daily Activity Report (DAR) is sent to the client every morning.

Licensed — Bonded — Insured

The Guard Alliance Inc is fully bonded and insured above required limits. Our insurance policy pays up to $1 Million per occurrence ($3Million). We also can acquire extra policy coverages for special jobs per client request.
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Our Success Stories

This company was absolutely fantastic in providing us with night time security for our vacant property in San Francisco that was being renovated for sale. They were able to get us someone very quickly, and their guards were extremely dependable, reliable, professional and competent, always calling ahead of shift to check in with us. Their staff responded to my questions very quickly and their communications were always very clear and helpful. I would recommend this company very highly to anyone seeking security assistance.

We are very pleased with The Guard Alliance Inc.’s performance. They provided parking lot security of our staff lot, after series of vandalism issues. A special thank you to our wonderful security guard, Robert who is very professional and attentive to our staff’s needs. The office personnel, were also a pleasure to work with, always willing to accommodate our needs. I do recommend The Guard Alliance Inc. to anyone needing cost effective and reliable security services.

My company has booked armed guards many times through The Guard Alliance, from private & public events to music video shoots, the guards are always polite, professional, and extremely helpful. They show up on time and know how to do their job, often going above & beyond their job description. I’ve always had positive experiences with them.

I hired The Guard Alliance Inc. to provide service overnight for my property in San Francisco. The Guard Alliance did a tremendous job in protecting my property from transient crime and vandalism. I would hire The Guard Alliance Inc. again in a heart-beat should the need arise. I highly recommend The Guard Alliance.

My company hired Guard Alliance Inc. to help assist me with my property due to our front door breaking, which became a huge security risk for our condominium building with more than a hundred units. The security team sent a guard every night to watch our building. We had been having burglaries for the past few months and this was so important to have overnight protection during the front door break down. They saved us! Thank you so much to the guard alliance team! The guards were great to work with as well. Awesome job!

Frequently Asked Questions About Roving Patrol Security Guards

What are the responsibilities of security guards with patrol vehicles?

Security guards with patrol vehicles are responsible for conducting mobile patrols, monitoring designated areas, responding to incidents, deterring criminal activity, and ensuring the overall safety and security of the premises they are assigned to.

How do security guards with patrol vehicles enhance security compared to stationary guards?

Security guards with patrol vehicles provide enhanced security by having the ability to cover a larger area efficiently. Their mobility allows them to conduct regular patrols, respond quickly to incidents, perform perimeter checks, and effectively monitor multiple access points, which can help deter potential threats and maintain a high level of security.

Can security guards with patrol vehicles respond to alarms and emergencies?

Yes, security guards with patrol vehicles are trained to respond to alarms and emergencies. With their patrol vehicles, they can swiftly reach the location of an alarm, assess the situation, and take appropriate actions, such as contacting emergency services, providing assistance, or securing the area until further support arrives.

Do security guards with patrol vehicles provide additional services apart from patrols?

Yes, security guards with patrol vehicles can offer additional services such as access control, visitor management, CCTV monitoring, and incident reporting. They can also perform safety inspections, enforce security protocols, and provide a visible security presence that contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the premises.

How do security guards with patrol vehicles contribute to a safer environment for businesses and individuals?

Security guards with patrol vehicles contribute to a safer environment by providing a visible deterrent to potential criminals. Their presence, coupled with mobile patrols, allows for quick response times to security breaches, timely intervention in potential threats, and effective management of emergencies. This helps create a sense of safety, instills confidence among employees and customers, and protects assets and property from various security risks.

What does it cost to hire a security guard with a patrol vehicle?

The cost of hiring a security guard with a patrol vehicle can vary depending on several factors, including the location, duration of service, level of expertise required, and specific security needs of the client. To determine the exact cost for hiring a security guard with a patrol vehicle, we recommend contacting us for an estimate. We can assess your specific requirements, including factors like the level of threat, desired level of expertise, and duration of services needed, and provide you with a tailored quote based on your needs and budget.


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Making Sure That No Security Threats Disrupt Either Your Business Activity Or Your Personal Life Is Our Job. No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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