The Importance Of Onsite Security Guards With Patrol Vehicles

The Importance Of Onsite Security Guards With Patrol Vehicles

Ensuring Constant Protection

The ultimate goal when it comes to your property’s security is to know that it is properly secured and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To deter crime, transient activity, potential break-ins, robberies, and more, every type of property, building, construction site, etc. will create some type of security management protocol in case of certain situations to ensure that anyone on the property, expensive equipment, vehicles, etc. are not at risk for any type of potential crime. In this short read, learn more about the importance of onsite security guards with patrol vehicles and how this service is able to provide thorough protection for various types of properties.

Enhanced Security with Onsite Security Guards & Patrols

Within security protocols that companies, businesses, corporations, management groups, and other agencies have will include the need for a physical deterrent, which is where security guard officers become essential. Within the different types of services that a security guard company provides, onsite security guards with patrol vehicles are very important for larger properties, including construction sites, parking lot structures, coverage for multiple properties, and even overnight security coverage for any type of property that may be in a higher risk area.

Comprehensive Protection for Larger Areas

Onsite security guards with patrol vehicles provide a more thorough layer of protection for larger areas, areas that are poorly lit or have low visibility, property owners that may have more than one property in the area that will need security protection, and areas that may have had prior security issues. Clients are able to request a specific route for the onsite security guard with a patrol vehicle to take, as well as where they want the reports, if there is any specific location that they would like the guard to stay, if they would like to incorporate security guard foot patrol within the property, and if they would like to incorporate multiple properties within the security detail.

Advantages Over Roving Patrol Visits

This type of security guard service incorporates the benefits of onsite security for coverage, which roving patrol visits do not normally achieve. Within a roving patrol visit, it consists of a 15-minute brief overview of the property before the guard leaves, which not only leaves room for potential security breaches, but the service does not allow a thorough inspection of the property and premises to ensure that it is secure. Roving patrol visits are costly, while onsite security guards with a patrol vehicle can provide a solid and thorough layer of visibility for any type of property. Security patrol guards provide continual patrolling of all areas of the property and are constantly monitoring and inspecting any type of suspicious activity.

Quick and Efficient Responses

Security guards who remain onsite with a patrol vehicle will not only be able to provide a strong physical deterrent within their vehicle, but they also will be able to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently to any type of response call that they may receive during the scheduled patrol service. These officers are trained to respond to various types of security situations as quickly as possible, which can allow both large and small properties to still receive thorough monitoring and patrolling.

The Guard Alliance is Your Trusted Security Solution

If you are interested in security solutions for your commercial, residential, industrial, private, or public agency, contact The Guard Alliance Inc. Every situation and property will be slightly different than the rest, and our security guard professionals are certified, screened, and put through a stringent interview process to ensure that they will be able to properly handle any type of property. Our onsite security with a patrol vehicle service not only performs patrols and investigates suspicious activity, they are required by our company to provide hourly activity reports with both photos and written details that are automatically sent to our clients every day or week. At The Guard Alliance Inc., we are not only proud to be offering certified and professional security guard and fire watch services with the fastest response times in the security services industry, our goal and number one priority is to keep you and your community safe. Request a quote online or learn more about our security services today in this short read.

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