The Benefits of Outsourcing Short-Term Security Guards

The Benefits of Outsourcing Short-Term Security Guards

In this short blog post, learn more about the benefits of outsourcing short-term security guards and how it is the easiest and safest way to secure one’s property. Most companies have security protocols for broken fences, downed security cameras, etc. but sometimes things can happen that no one can predict. When a security issue or problem at the property occurs, property owners and managers will need to secure coverage to ensure their property, equipment, building premises, etc. has another layer of protection. Services that may need short-term security protection would include fire-watch patrols, construction sites, apartment buildings with faulty gates, severe weather protection, and more all fall under this category.

Experienced and Professional

Security guard companies provide unmatched efforts by requiring all security guards on staff who go through a thorough screening process prior to being hired, and this ensures that only capable and experienced people are working on the premises. While working for any type of property, security guards must provide hourly reports with live photos that cannot be taken from a photo library, thorough communication with their dispatch departments, and more. By hiring security or fire-watch from a professional security guard company, you are ensuring that the guard who is providing extra coverage is capable, vetted, and completely insured by a professionally licensed company.

Active Responder

When a company is in need of temporary security services, outsourcing the security services from a security company ensures that you are hiring folks who have responded to many different types of emergencies on various types of properties. This may include deterring transients, potential criminals or burglaries on the property from occurring, stopping potential vandalism, and more. Professionally trained and certified security guards also will have experience responding to any emergency situations that involve first-aid techniques, de-escalation techniques, and more.

Eyewitness Accounts

Security guard officers are often vetted and experienced in witnessing and stopping different types of crimes from occurring, and are required by their company to write a thorough accident report that reflects a detailed account of what occurred. Security guards are also required to notify all of the points of contact on the site, their management team, and local law enforcement as well as create a report with them. This ensures that with potential insurance issues, that your property is completely covered and safe at every angle.

Risk Minimization

Overall, security guards who are outsourced for temporary assignments work for a company that is usually insured, although there are different levels to what is covered. The Guard Alliance Inc. is a fully insured and bonded company, with each service carrying an insurance policy of up to 1 million dollars per occurrence, which covers most of the property damage, any bodily injuries, etc. By choosing a security guard company that is committed to excellent service, hiring temporary security services will provide something that is priceless, and that is peace of mind.

Choose The Guard Alliance for Your Security Needs

When it comes to short-term security guard solutions, look no further than The Guard Alliance. We offer unparalleled expertise and reliability to meet your immediate security needs. Whether you require security services for a one-time event, construction site, or any other short-term project, our highly trained security guards are ready to provide a safe and secure environment. With our fast response times, competitive prices, and customizable service packages, you can trust that The Guard Alliance will deliver exceptional protection for your short-term security requirements. Choose us to safeguard your assets, premises, and peace of mind with our professional and reliable security guard services. Request a quote online, or give us a call for more information.

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