The Importance of Security Guards in Gated Communities

The Importance of Security Guards in Gated Communities

Although a gate is a deterrent for some criminals, many criminals and assailants directly target gated communities because they make a statement of “being wealthy”, which may not always be the case. In this blog, learn more about the importance of security guards in gated communities and how enlisting the help of a security guard company can greatly increase the safety and security of a property.

Manned vs. Unmanned Security Booths

Providing security guard services thoroughly and professionally is what every client wants when they hire security guard services for their property. Gated communities are no different, and are created with an extra layer of protection for homeowners and renters against break-ins, robberies, car theft, vandalism, and other types of crime. While being in a gated community is becoming more and more popular, many of these security booths in the front and back entrances are unmanned, which can create potential high-cost issues for those who live within the community.

In the KLAS news report “Behind the Gates, Pt. 1: Safety of gated communities a perception or reality?” by Brian Loftus, Sgt. Chris Holman of Henderson PD states that “Gated communities, for the most part, look very secure, and it gives a lot of folks that live in there a sense of comfort of being secure,” but this may not deter everyone from trespassing. With gated communities, some have gates around the entire property, while some may just have a large gate in front of the property that needs a code. Loftus states that the code for gated communities can be easily shared, and that this can increase the risk of unwanted intruders within the community. Loftus shares that by having “an actual person manning the guard gate, checking ID, license plates and calling homeowners to approve entry, [it] does seem to increase safety.”

Having security guard officers on-site is the best way to ensure thorough security protocols are followed and the quickest way for all emergencies within the community to be responded to. While the gate surrounding the community will keep out some potential vagrants, transients, and unwanted visitors, criminals who have experience targeting more expensive neighborhoods and homes will have no issue getting into the community. By hiring a security guard to check IDs, vendor lists, residents, etc. for a property, it ensures that all people who are moving in or out of the area are validated by someone within the community who owns/rents the properties.

Active Patrolling of the Community

Security guards in gated communities also provide effective patrols around the community, whether on foot patrol or within a patrol vehicle. This ensures that all areas of the property are properly monitored and greatly lowers the potential for home invasions, break-ins, car theft, and other types of criminal activity. While gates do provide a first layer of security, security guards are able to enforce community HOA guidelines, whether it is safety protocol for pool hours, potential noise complaints, towing cars that do not have the proper validation, etc. Professional security guards also will have experience working within urgent situations or emergencies, as they can act as a first responder for any suspicious activity, fires, smoke within a building, or other issues that may potentially occur within a gated community.

Choose The Guard Alliance to Secure Your Gated Community

Ensuring you are securing your gated community with a trained professional is essential for thorough security patrolling and monitoring of the property. The Guard Alliance Inc. provides professionally certified and experienced security guard staff who have knowledge of security coverage for a multitude of different properties. Our number one goal and priority is to ensure your safety and security and to also deliver exceptional results.

Our armed security guards and unarmed security guards must complete hourly reporting via a software we utilize to ensure that they are in the correct place and so they can provide thorough and detailed information with live photos that ensures they are onsite when taking the photo. Our company also is completely insured for any incidents, and clients are able to utilize our 24-hour dispatch call center that can help any clients or guards with real-time information. Request your free quote online or contact us for more information about our residential security services.

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