Property Crime: What To Do if Your Property is Affected

Property Crime: What To Do if Your Property is Affected

In this short read, learn more about property crime and what to do if your property is affected. When a property is vandalized or burglarized, there are critical steps a property manager, owner, or director should take to protect their property and prevent future crimes from taking place. Taking the time to create a strong foundation for a business, literally and figuratively, should not have to cost the company that was affected tens of thousands of dollars, but in many cases it does.

Steps to Take if Your Property is Vandalized or Burglarized

To protect yourself, others’, and your property when you have been affected by a robbery or crime, follow these steps as soon as you are able.

  • Notifying Police & Insuring Personal Safety and Security

The first thing a property owner should do when he/she/they are affected by a burglary, vandalism, robbery, etc. is to call the local police department to notify them of the crime that took place, and to report everything that you have seen, noticed is gone, what areas of the property have been damaged, etc. so the police are aware of the extent of the damage. Make sure that the property is secured and that there are no threats before inspecting the property and that it is well-lit before entering the property for your safety.

  • Itemization & Photographic Evidence of Property Incidents

Once the local police department is notified, itemize all items that may have been damaged, lost, stolen, etc. for your police report. The more specific an item is, the more likely that if the assailant is found, your property will be returned to you. Take photos of all of the property damage, for example shattered glass, broken windows, broken door, vandalism, areas where theft occurred, etc. without touching any areas of the property before doing so. This can potentially help the investigators/ local PD when they are building a potential case for suspected criminals.

  • Maximize Coverage for Property Damage and Loss

After you log and track all of the evidence of the robbery, find your insurance information and read about how your property’s insurance policy can potentially help you. Many insurance policies will have a deductible that the property owner will have to pay, but if the damage is thousands of dollars worth, it could potentially save money.

  • Informing Stakeholders & Mitigating Impact on Operations

Next, inform the employees or residents of the situation, and that you are working with law enforcement to protect your property, their safety, and your own. Informing your employees, residents, visitors, and other types of people of the situation and that you will be back open as soon as possible can help soften the blow of more business and money lost.

Proactive Measures to Safeguard Your Property and Prevent Crimes

To avoid this type of situation from happening again, it is important to prepare for future obstacles, including property damage and crimes that can potentially be avoided. Creating a well-lit, outdoor area of your property does not have to be costly to be effective. There are many types of powerful solar power lights for outdoors that provide safety and security at a low cost. Investing in a few outdoor security cameras greatly contributes to safety and security for your property, as it deters suspected criminals and suspicious activity.

Secure Your Property with Professional Security Guards

Hiring security services for your property to provide a physical presence, even 3-4 days a week, will significantly lower the amount of break-ins, unwanted visitors, suspicious activity, and more because of the presence security personnel provide. Certified, trained, professional security guards will not only report suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement, but to the client, as well as provide hourly reports of activity. This can not only help pinpoint when activity is heightened, but will still be significantly lower in cost as a security measure. Even if your property has already been broken into, it is important to provide a physical security presence on the premises to ward off potential returns of suspicious persons.

To hire professional security guards for your property, visit The Guard Alliance Inc.’s website to request a quote online or call 800-230-7015 today for more information.

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