What Security Service Professionals Monitor When On Patrol

What Security Service Professionals Monitor When On Patrol

A Look into Security Guard Patrols & Monitoring Services

When a security guard professional patrols a property, they are trained and taught to patrol for various types of properties, in all conditions, at any time within the 24 hours that is requested. Security guard professionals are often self-aware of what to look out for on various types of properties due to experience and training, and know that different properties require different monitoring. In this short read, find out what security service professionals monitor when on patrol, & what is expected when they are hired for security services.

Comprehensive Property Surveys & Detailed Post Instructions

A professional security guard company will make sure that they survey the premises of the property and that detailed post instructions are provided for the guard in the initial inquiry. This is to ensure that the request for services is within our qualified services, and to ensure that we have an experienced guard that fits the requirements of the site. Even if it is for general security or for preventative maintenance, it is important to specify what areas of the property are prone to suspicious activity, vandalism, car thefts, poorly-lit areas, etc. so the guard has up-to-date information on what to be aware of.

Thorough Property Monitoring & Protection

During their shift, a guard who is hired for onsite coverage of a property will check all vantage points, entrances, exits, and specified areas of a property to ensure that they are locked up, untouched, etc. for the client. Whether it is making sure that there are no suspicious people within the property, or to make sure that all the doors, windows, and vents are securely in place, a trained security guard will monitor these aspects of the outside perimeter. For large outdoor sites that may not have doors, entrances, etc. to monitor (for example, a construction site), the guard will know to monitor and protect the equipment that could potentially attract unwanted visitors.

The Role of Hourly Reports in Surveillance & Protection

Monitoring odd or suspicious behavior near or around the property is also another aspect of a security guard foot patrolling. Whether it is staying vigilant when there are unwanted persons near the property, or to a door that may not always lock, security guards are trained to be self-aware and to note anything suspicious in their surroundings on their hourly reports. Many security guard companies require their security guards employees to provide hourly reports that are sent to their security personnel company, who then sends the reports to the client. This creates a reliable pipeline of information that can be used for potential protection if there is a break-in, suspicious activity that may occur when security guards are not present, etc.

The Integral Role of Security Guards as Crime Deterrents & Responders

One of the main reasons clients hire security guards is to stop potential crimes from happening, and if they do happen, to apprehend the suspect/contact local authorities (depending on the situation, security guard professionals may perform a citizen’s arrest, but in case of potential danger, it is highly advised that they call the proper authorities). Seen as a physical deterrent, security guards will ask suspicious persons to exit the property, stop potential suspects, and also be an eye-witness incase of a crime.

The most important aspect of a security guard’s duties for general security monitoring is to ensure the safety of everyone within the premises, including their own safety.

Comprehensive Security Solutions by The Guard Alliance Inc.

Whether on foot patrol, on-site vehicle patrol, fire watch, or other service, security guards are trained to identify a threat and to help protect the visitors, residents, tenants, etc. on any type of property.If a crime is occurring or if there is smoke, security personnel are trained to provide heightened awareness and maintain the responsibility of safety. To explore the services that The Guard Alliance Inc. can provide, please visit our website at www.theguardalliance.com, or call 800-230-7015 or request a free online quote.


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