Why More Businesses Are Hiring Security in 2022

Why More Businesses Are Hiring Security in 2022

Rising Crime Trends: How Businesses are Strengthening Security Measures to Protect Their Properties

As we have seen throughout the pandemic, crime continues to rise as criminals are growing more bold. The Wall Street Journal recently shared in the article “Supermarkets, Restaurants Hire Security, Limit Hours to Combat Crime” that many companies are ramping up security while also decreasing their store hours to reduce the possibility of crime occurring on their property. Companies are being forced to face the decision of closing their stores, or protecting it with security services to deter suspicious activity, drug use, and assailants from entering their property with intentions to commit a crime.

Understanding Trends and Preparing for Security Measures

It is extremely important for property owners to understand the trends of crime within their area and to prepare for potential criminal activity. The WSJ also reported in a different article that rising crime rates have not only affected cities during the pandemic but also in rural areas nationwide. NewsNation, another popular media outlet, recently reported a similar article about how “Businesses [are] hiring security, [and] reducing hours due to crime,” and that assaults in grocery stores have risen 73% since 2019.

Effective Approaches to Deterring Property Crime

Many areas are rethinking how to approach deterring crime, and investing in security cameras, services, lighting, procedures in case of an emergency, or a combination of two or more is the best way to prevent tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. All property types are affected, whether residential, industrial, or commercial.

Security Camera Usage

Many homes and properties are investing in security camera systems to capture any suspicious activity on camera, which can potentially help them if there is a break-in.

Hiring On-Site Security

Other property owners are also enlisting in security services to deter physical threats, to increase overall safety and security for the property, and to report if any suspicious activity occurs near/on the property.

While security cameras can do the job of reporting real-time footage to property owners, it cannot actually stop anyone from entering the property. Security guards from a security company are required to provide reports to their client and management after each shift, so the client may be updated with information that may not have been captured on a security camera.

High-Powered Lighting

Investing in strong, high-powered lighting for your property is another way to increase the safety of your property. A well-lit area is more likely to be visible to others, to security guards who are patrolling the property, and to the security cameras that are in use (if they do not have a night mode, that is).

Combining Cameras, Lighting, and Guard Services to Safeguard Your Property

A powerful combination of high-powered lighting, security cameras, and on-site guards offers a surefire solution to secure your property, providing enhanced visibility, real-time monitoring, and immediate response capabilities for comprehensive protection.

Explore Professional Security Services for Enhanced Safety with The Guard Alliance

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