3 Reasons Apartment Complex Security Is Essential

3 Reasons Apartment Complex Security Is Essential

One of the largest risks property owners or managers face when they are in charge of building management is ensuring that all vendors, visitors, residents, and employees are safe when they enter the property or building. While this may sound simple, it can sometimes be a difficult task that takes layers of different types of security for ultimate protection. In this blog, learn about 3 reasons apartment complex security is essential for a successful property and why more and more property management companies are hiring additional protection.

Securing Apartment Complexes

While vehicle theft, vehicle vandalism, property theft, property vandalism, loitering, trespassing, are more common among areas with apartment complexes or buildings, potential threats of employee termination, squatting, and more violent crimes are an area of concern and protocol should be implemented to ultimately protect the property and those within it. There are numerous reasons why security is important for apartment complexes, 3 main reason include:

Preventing Vandalism

Having a physical presence to deter potential vagrants who intend on vandalizing your property is a very important reason to hire security, as vandalism on a property can range from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the size and damage of the property. Security guard officers are able to respond quickly to scare away intruders, as they are trained to utilize their security guard skills to stop potential vandalism from occurring. Security guards are required to monitor and patrol the property’s premises unless otherwise instructed, so this does ensure that the building is being closely monitored during the schedule of service.

Mailroom Security

While there may be a sign-in sheet for tenants, vendors, etc. for mail deliveries, it is important to ensure that there are protocols in place to secure all mailroom items, amazon storage areas for the tenants, and onsite security to ensure that these items are secure. In many cases, without security oversight of the mailroom regularly, theft is a common occurrence, as there is no visibility in the area. Even with security cameras, hiring security guards provides a physical security deterrent that will lead to less mail theft.

Parking lot Security

When tenants, employees, and visitors utilize the parking lot area in an apartment complex, they trust the property management company with their vehicle and it should be within the property management company’s best interest to ensure that these vehicles are safe. Without proper security patrols of the vehicles, break-ins, catalytic converter theft, broken glass from windows, etc. will more than likely be prevalent on the property. Without an onsite security guard monitoring the vehicles as part of their scope of work, the property’s business may be affected as people, visitors, and tenants may not feel safe being on the property knowing that their car may be broken into or stolen.

Enhancing Security with Physical Deterrents not Just Cameras

While security cameras are a great way to monitor and ensure that your property is safe and that your management has a record of any suspicious activity on camera, it is important to provide a physical security deterrent for apartment complexes. With the high traffic volume that apartment complexes commonly have, ensuring that there are professionally trained eyes on different areas of the property is a sure way to ensure that it is completely secure and safe. The Guard Alliance Inc. not only provides security guard services for clients, clients are able to choose from foot patrol, onsite guards with a vehicle, or even fire-watch patrol for their property. The Guard Alliance Inc. is a fully insured, privately owned security guard company providing services to thousands of clients every year within

Let The Guard Alliance Secure Your Apartment Complex

In many major cities across the United States, more and more property owners and managers for apartment complexes are hiring private security guard companies to ensure that there is a physical security deterrent on the property and for all visitors to the property to feel safe and secure. When given the opportunity to hire security guards, it is imperative to remember that private security guard companies have requirements that go beyond hiring one person for an in-house security services, including hourly activity reports, geo-tracking to ensure that the service is being provided, 24-hour Dispatch Department for clients to reach out to management, and highly trained and certified security individuals. All of these requirements are provided with The Guard Alliance, request a quote online for free or contact us for more information.

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