The Guard Alliance Inc.'s Security Services

The Guard Alliance Inc.'s Security Services

Understanding the Role of Security Guards

Security guards are employed to maintain safety, order, and to provide a strong sense of security for the property they are protecting. Private security guard services are trained similarly to construction security guards, bank security guards, parking enforcement security guards, and more because there are general rules and regulations that all guards need to follow. There are a few key differences between each type of guard service, and in this blog, learn more about the security services The Guard Alliance Inc. offers its clients throughout 14 states nationwide.

Unarmed Guards for Public Safety

Unarmed Guards – Clients, new and returning, reach out every day to inquire about our unarmed guard services. With areas that may have more prominent transient activity on the premises, construction zones, storage facilities, parking enforcement, and events, many choose our unarmed guard service as they still provide a strong sense of security but do not carry weapons. Many prefer, in public areas or with areas that there is high foot traffic, unarmed guards, as they are seen as less of a threat but are still able to enforce security and safety standards for the property.

Armed Guards for Enhanced Deterrence

Armed Guards – Armed guards are, within their title, armed and certified to carry weapons. Armed security guard services are commonly employed at fashion stores, banks, and areas where there is a high theft/crime rate for a stronger deterrence method. This is to ensure that the livelihood of people, customers, visitors, employees, etc. are secure and that the property remains secure and intact. Armed security guards require more training, screening, and must strictly follow the laws pertaining to firearms within the county/state they reside in.

Enhanced Patrolling with Onsite Guards in Patrol Vehicles

Onsite Guards With A Patrol Vehicle – Onsite guards with a patrol vehicle are requested for a few different reasons. The property may be extremely large and foot patrol may not be enough for thorough monitoring and patrolling of the property. Another reason is that the client wants the guard to be more inconspicuous, and using a marked or unmarked vehicle can help cover more territory, while also not alerting potential intruders or assailants that the guard is on the property.

Fire-Watch Patrol for Comprehensive Fire Protection

Fire-Watch Patrol – The fire-watch patrol services our company currently offers can be completely customized to fit the needs and requirements of the fire codes in the area. Many clients who have a broken fire system, fire alarm system, etc. are required to have 24-hour surveillance of the property until the systems are back in operation.

Choose The Guard Alliance for Your Professional Security Services

What sets The Guard Alliance Inc. apart from other security companies is our ability to ensure professional protection within 10 business days. Included within the quote for services is our 24-hour dispatch call center, same-day estimates, competitive pricing, and the ability for clients to be able to cancel their services at any time with ZERO hidden fees. Request a quote for security services or contact us to learn more about our professional security services.


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