Security Guard Services Are On The Rise in Seattle, WA

Security Guard Services Are On The Rise in Seattle, WA

Security services are continuing to become more and more prominent for businesses everywhere within the Seattle area and neighboring cities as well. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Seattle, WA has faced a significant increase in violent and property crime. In this read, learn about why security guard services are on the rise.

Alarming Crime Surge in Seattle, Washington

In the 2021 Year-End Crime Report that tracks the yearly changes of different types of crimes, the report states that “”Overall Crime increased by 10%. Violent Crime increased by 20% and Property Crime increased by 9%, compared to 2020.” In the same report, it shares that violent crime reached an all-time high in 2021.

Within the last year, the trend of violent crimes, homicides, and other serious crimes continued to rise, as within the first half of 2022 reports show that it was worse than 2021. The MCAA Crime reported that unlike other major cities with declining crime, Seattle continues to have higher homicide, assault, and property crimes then before 2020. In this article, the author Melissa Santos highlights that if this trend continues into 2023, that Seattle, Washington will be facing the highest reported number of homicides than it has seen in the last 25 years.

Seattle Business Turn to Private Security Amid Police Staffing Shortage

In this article released less than a year ago, Komo News reports that in response to the uptick in violent crimes and assaults in the area, that the Downtown Seattle Association is working on hiring private security amid a simultaneous staffing shortage of the police department. With police department staffing continuing to lessen, many companies, small businesses to large corporations, are enlisting private security companies to deter crime, potential assailants, and transients from lowering an already low morale rate of safety within the area.

Security guard companies who provide professional, private security services for businesses are increasing in demand but face a higher potential for crimes in the area. To deter crime, security guards are the front-line in patrolling and protecting the property during the schedule of service. With serious crimes, assaults, break-ins, theft, etc. security guards are required to notify the management of the property, the local police department, and the management team that they are employed by.

Choose The Guard Alliance to Secure Your Seattle Business

Companies choose to hire security from professional security guard companies because of the additional coverage and information they receive. Security guards who are hired by private security guard companies are required to have valid licensing, a strong security background, and they must be screened by the hiring team to ensure that they are sound of mind and have proper communication skills. Security guards who also are employed by security companies must complete hourly reports during the schedule of their shift, are tracked by software to ensure they are performing their rounds on the property, and clients are able to reach out at any time to alter, change, or inquire for information from the dispatch department.

Seattle, Washington may have an increase in crime, but that does not mean everyone will be affected and many companies are being able to protect their employees, customers, property, and livelihood by enlisting the protection of security guards in the area. Request a free quote online or learn more about how to hire security guards for your company or property by calling (800) 230 – 7015 extension 1 for more information.


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