5 Rules Security Guards Should Follow

5 Rules Security Guards Should Follow

In the security guard industry, it is vital for unarmed security guards, armed security guards and fire watch guards to provide the pillars of professionalism, communication, and preparedness that all clients look for. From construction sites to small businesses, security guards must be able to communicate thoroughly, provide a strong presence, and be alert for any potential threats or suspicious activity.

Essential Rules for Every Security Guard

There are several rules that are essential for security personnel to adhere to in order to provide the most professional security guard services and foster success within a security guard company, these vital rules include:

  1. Clear Communication

    A take-away from security guard training is to de-escalate situations before they become more serious and potentially threatening. Experienced security guards are aware that their body language, voice, tone, inflection, and words can help or hinder a situation, and security guards should be aware to always be courteous. Whether they are a visitor, customer, suspicious person on the property, etc. it is important to always approach with caution and courtesy.

  2. Quick Action During Crisis Situations

    Security guards must always be alert and vigilant so they are not caught off guard if a problem arises. How a security guard responds to a call for help or when a crime/theft occurs on the property highlights how effective they have been trained to handle difficult situations.

  3. Following Post Instructions

    To maintain order and to properly follow procedures, security officers are provided with specific instructions for the property, also known as post instructions, and must be able to keep up and check the instructions before every shift. Security guard companies communicate with many companies every day, and update, change, and edit their instructions often. It is important for professional security guards and fire watch personnel to be able to review instructions and be prepared for the property before stepping foot onto the property.

  4. Thorough Reporting

    Within any professional security guard company, there is mandatory hourly reporting that can be sent to the client, and in this reporting, it is vital for the guard to be able to provide descriptive sentences for the company’s records, as well as the clients. If there is a crime or theft committed on the property, the detailed reporting will be one of the reports insurance companies review, local police department may review, and for the client to review as well. Detailed reporting is one of the most important parts of successful monitoring and reporting for any security guard company.

  5. Timeliness

    Providing the level of professionalism to arrive at your shift on time can be a make or break for your company’s security guard contract with the client. If you are unable to make a shift, calling at least 8 hours in advance will not only help the scheduling department find a replacement guard, but will ensure that the client has been contacted and does not reach out, or cancel, security guard services with the company.

Hire The Guard Alliance for Professional Security Guard Services

To ensure that the guards on your property are providing professional security guard services and deterring suspicious activity on the property, hire a professional security guard company today. This ensures that the guards are properly screened and have the ability to work on various types of security sites. Request your free quote online or contact us for more information about our security guard services!


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