How Security Guards Enhance Your Hotel's Security

How Security Guards Enhance Your Hotel's Security

Hotel security is not only to keep hotel guests safe, but to ensure the property, employees, vendors, visitors, etc. feel secure. The majority of profit hotels create are based on happy customers who have a safe and relaxing trip while staying at their establishment. Many hotels understand that the environment is what sells, and numerous hotels are now including physical security guards within their security protocol to ensure that everyone who enters and exits valuables, goods, cars, etc. are intact. While hotels are usually higher traffic areas, with customers checking in and checking out, vendors delivering goods, packages, and employees migrating to and from work, this leaves many of the property more exposed to potential suspicious and volatile situations. In this short read, learn more about the importance of hotel security guards and how hotels across the country are instilling security protocols to maintain their brand, consumer base, and to ensure the safety of all those who enter the property.

The Importance of Hotel Security Guards

Hotel security guards often act as the first line of defense against potential security threats and contribute significantly to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for hotel guests. Hotel security guards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of hotel guests, employees, and property. They have a wide range of duties such as:

Incident Response

Security guard officers are responsible for responding to various types of emergencies or situations that would need immediate attention, including deterring suspicious person/s off of the property. Depending on the state and requirements of the property (different states require different qualifications) , the majority of hotel security officers within the security guard industry are trained to take action in case of an emergency, fire, etc. This is not only to help customers or visitors on the property in the case of a serious crime, and to take detailed photos/notes for their incident reports if they are in a situation that requires local police department and first responders involvement.

Deterring Crime

The physical presence of security personnel significantly deters crimes, as many potential assailants and criminals will more likely “hit” a property without security guards onsite. A security guard provides a strong deterrent presence and helps to create an environment of safety and security for those who are on the property. Customers, visitors, and employees will feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that any unruly guests, suspicious persons, etc. will be escorted off of the property to guarantee the safety and security of the guests and staff on the premises.


Employee and Customer Protection

In some instances, hotel staff will experience an unruly customer, transient activity outside of the building but on the property, and other types of issues that would warrant a security guard to help resolve the issue as soon as possible. Security guards are trained to assist employees and staff on the property. Whether it is escorting staff to and from their vehicles on site, ensuring that the vehicles of employees and customers are safe during their stay, or other types of security issues, security guards provide a vital role in establishing the sense of security for a hotel.


Privately owned businesses and hotels are able to limit parking, and security guard officers are a great way to utilize removing unwanted and unauthorized vehicles from a property. While every property is different, security guards are trained the follow the hotel protocol for unwanted vehicles, etc. and will be more than capable of assisting the hotel staff.

Monitoring CCTV Cameras

Security guard officers are trained to spot any suspicious behavior, and will be able to monitor the front entrance of the hotel, any types of back or side entrances, etc. to ensure that all persons on the property are safe. This includes monitoring the property within the building and around the perimeter, providing foot patrol within the parking lot to guarantee the cars are safe, and that there are no types of break-ins, theft, etc. on the property.

Full visibility over the operations and maintenance of this visibility, whether with security guards or layering security protocol (security guards, CCTV, key fobs for restricted access) will ensure that the hotel and all those on the property are safe. Hotels are a fast paced environment that will need constant visibility to ensure the protection of the property and everything within it.


Choose The Guard Alliance for Your Hotel Security Guards

The Guard Alliance Inc. provides fully insured and bonded hotel security services, as well as onsite foot patrol, onsite guards with a patrol vehicle, with the ability to choose from armed or unarmed guards. With over 12 years of professional security experience, our company provides unmatched security guard and fire protection services to over 14 states nationwide. Our professional security guards are required to complete hourly activity reports that are then sent to the client on a weekly or daily basis, as well as a 24-hour dispatch department that is available for our clients to contact at any time for real-time information. Contact us to inquire about guard services for your hotel today.

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