The Rise Of Private Security Services In Portland, Oregon

The Rise Of Private Security Services In Portland, Oregon

Security Challenges in Portland

Portland is a large, bustling area with hundreds of thousands of people, businesses, and heavy foot traffic in most locations within this city. Many businesses within Oregon are experiencing an uptick in security issues, break-ins, home invasions, and other types of security issues that can create a devaluing of the property and push potential customers, clients, visitors, and others who are on the property to potentially not return. Within this short article, learn more about the rise of private security services in Portland, Oregon.

Escalating Transient Activity and Rising Security Concerns

Transient activity is sweeping the West Coast, and many agencies are now requiring security guard services within their security protocol to ensure that there are layers of protection to keep potential transients, issues, suspicious persons, and more from occurring. In the news article covered by KOIN 6 in the Portland, Oregon area, one business manager Emily Ballis tells KOIN that the “last six months it’s gotten worse. I’ve had my windows smashed, I’ve been broken into,” and that these events continue to happen with increasing frequency. When the pandemic globally affected businesses everywhere in 2020, a surge of crime swept cities everywhere, and KOIN reports that for the people of Portland, Oregon, “the vandalism started during the pandemic and during the riots in 2020, but never really stopped.”

Businesses Seeking Security Solutions

This has led businesses in this area to hire armed and unarmed security guards to provide a physical presence and deterrent for transient activity. Oregon Live reported in the past 6 months that “Portland leaders agreed Wednesday to spend millions of new dollars for private security guards amid a troubling rise of theft, property damage, and physical safety threats” and since 2019, has invested ” about $2 million a year to have private armed and unarmed security guards.” In another article published this past January, the author Shane Dixon Kavanaugh reports that the city of Portland will now pay more than $660,000 for 3 new armed security agents in City Hall.

Ensuring Safety for Properties and Businesses in Portland

KTVL reported on February 19, 2023, that shop owners in the Portland area do not know who to utilize for security, and that “a lot of activity happens at night and there really isn’t a great presence.” Properties and businesses within the Portland, Oregon area are now instilling security guard protocols within their security protocol for their property in order to adequately protect and keep their visitors, vendors, customers, clients, and employees safe during the hours of operation. Small businesses, medium and large corporations, public and private agencies, and more ensure they receive security guard services to avoid thousands of dollars in building or property damage.

The Guard Alliance Offers Comprehensive Security Solutions in Portland

The Guard Alliance Inc. provides an unparalleled security service package for our clients, providing overnight security, foot patrol security services, armed security guards, unarmed security services, fire watch patrol, guards with patrol vehicles, and more that can be completely customized to the hours, days of operation, etc. that the client wants. Our mission is to help as many people, businesses, and properties secure their livelihoods, which is why we offer competitive prices to our clients, a 24-hour dispatch department that provides an extra layer of security for the client to be contacted any real-time information, and hourly activity reports that include live photos of the surrounding area and notes. The Guard Alliance Inc. is an unmatched choice for physical security guards for short-term and long-term services, and will continue to strive to help secure each community we service in. Request a free security guard quote or contact us for more information.

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