All About Foot Patrol Security Services

All About Foot Patrol Security Services

Foot patrol security services have become the backbone of many businesses across the nation, especially in the wake of the crime surge since the pandemic in 2020. With businesses facing closures, staff reductions, and an increase in criminal activities, security guards have become a vital part of ensuring the safety of both the property and its occupants.

Benefits of Foot Patrol

Foot patrol security guards play a crucial role in safeguarding various businesses, including grocery stores, apartment complexes, industrial sites like construction areas, small businesses, high-rise buildings, and neighborhoods. By enlisting the help of a physical security presence, property owners can ensure the safety of vehicles, premises, and people with access to the property. Many security guard companies offer additional services within their packages, including a 24-hour dispatch hotline for real-time information exchange during critical situations on the property.

What Foot Patrol Provides

Foot patrol security guards are trained to regularly monitor various areas, such as hallways, alleyways, sections of the building accessible from the street, parking lots, and other customizable locations as per client requests. Their duties include deterring crime and transient activities, checking for suspicious behavior, towing unauthorized vehicles, responding to CCTV camera alerts, securing all doors, and monitoring entrances and exits. These guards also observe the behavior of visitors, customers, vendors, and other individuals, respond to emergencies, track vendors inside and outside the property, maintain sign-in sheets for visitors, and ensure the safety and security of everyone on the premises.

Optimal Use of Foot Patrol

Foot patrol is particularly suitable for properties that restrict vehicle access, have multiple floors, and require in-person visibility in areas like alleyways or under stairs. Construction sites often benefit from foot patrol in areas inaccessible to vehicles, which require thorough inspections. This service is particularly valuable for overnight shifts when transient activity may increase, and CCTV cameras may not suffice. Foot patrol is an effective deterrent for preventing theft and crime on a property, especially in areas where vehicles cannot access. Highly visible areas with significant foot traffic and crime are ideal for foot patrol, as potential intruders will be easily spotted.

Do You Require Foot Patrol Security for Your Business?

The Guard Alliance Inc. offers professionally certified and screened armed security guards and unarmed security guards foot patrol personnel for properties across 14 states nationwide. Clients can opt for fully customizable security guard or fire protection services, backed by comprehensive insurance and bonding. With access to a 24-hour dispatch center and hourly activity reports, clients can stay informed about the guards’ patrols during their scheduled shifts. Request a quote online or contact us to learn more about our foot patrol security services.

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