How to Become a Security Guard in Georgia

How to Become a Security Guard in Georgia

Security is a rich field of work that allows you to gain valuable skills as you protect people and property in various capacities. Security also requires strength and discipline — but it’s an accessible industry with demand.

The road to becoming a security guard varies from state to state. Some states have a rigorous process that requires potential candidates to undergo training and courses to get certified. The process in Georgia is slightly less taxing. There is no state security guard license or certificate in Georgia and no government-mandated courses to get a security guard license in Georgia, either.

Though Georgia security guards do not need special certification, the Georgia State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies still regulates the sector. This article will provide the information you need to become a security guard in the state.

Meeting the Basic Requirements

While starting a career as a security officer may be easier in Georgia than in other states, there are still some basic requirements you need to meet, including completing 24 hours of classroom instruction.

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a United States citizen or a legal resident who can legally work in the country.
  • Have a GED or the equivalent.
  • Pass background checks.
  • Pass substance-use tests.
  • Complete 24 hours minimum of required pre-assignment training, which is also online-approved.

Your potential employer may offer the 24-hour introductory training course to qualify you before hiring, but you can take it as a standalone course otherwise. In the latter case, there may be fees to register for the course or receive certification.

Apart from these standard criteria, you should also show good moral character and be mentally and physically fit to meet the demands of a security job.

Finding Work as a Georgia Security Guard

One of the best parts about the security industry is that as long as you meet standard requirements, you can start finding security guard jobs immediately.

Private security companies are always an excellent place to start your job search. These security companies can specialize in a diverse range of job opportunities, including everything from monitoring community gates to private bodyguarding.

Note that although the Georgia State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies does not require unarmed security guards to register with them, employers must ensure all unarmed security guards are trained according to the Board’s standards. Separate training requirements, such as baton or pepper spray training, are mandated at the employer’s discretion.

While not required, having other related licenses or certificates could help you secure work at a private security firm — a driver’s license and entry-level certificates in areas like first-aid, security resources or customer service will always be valuable qualifications to have.

How to Become an Armed Security Guard in Georgia

Certain security positions in private companies or government sectors may require specialized training, including working as an armed guard. To work as an armed guard, you will need to:

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  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Meet all other standard requirements for unarmed security guards, including completing the basic training curriculum.
  • Have a state driver’s license.
  • Apply for a Weapons Carry License (WCL) and undergo firearm training.

As an armed security guard, you must register with the Georgia State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. It may be well worth it to work toward getting your WCL, as more job opportunities can open up for you as an armed guard.

Getting Licenses and Additional Training

Obtaining additional license and undergoing additional training will usually be at the discretion of your employer. While the Board does not offer a Georgia security license, they have one license you can register for, which is to become a private detective employee. This career path may be worth considering based on your goals and interests.

Duties of a Security Guard in Georgia

Your daily duties will depend mainly on the position you secure and your experience and level of additional training. Security tasks will vary depending on if you are an unarmed or armed guard. As an unarmed guard entering the workforce, you may be responsible for some of the following duties:

  • Patrolling.
  • Checking that a client’s security system works and responding to alarms.
  • Corresponding with clients.
  • Monitoring CCTV.
  • Monitoring security gates.
  • Guarding buildings.
  • Keeping daily logs and writing incident reports.
  • Assisting in emergencies such as evacuating buildings, helping with first-aid or stopping petty crimes.
  • Enforcing an area’s by-laws.
  • Keeping your station clean.
  • Fulfilling non-security-related public duties such as helping with directions.

Top Benefits of Working as a Security Officer

As a security guard, you form a crucial part of keeping clients and properties safe and protected, but you also get to enjoy various professional and personal benefits from working in security:

  • Accessible and in-demand work: Since there is no Georgia security license and you do not need a lot of formal education and training to enter the field, security work in GA is accessible. Security is also an essential industry that will continue to be in demand, as people and properties will always need protection.
  • Flexible working hours: Security guards often work flexible hours and may be able to choose shifts after some time with the same employer.
  • Unique skills and training: When you work in security, you gain valuable skills and training that can help you in emergency situations and grow you as an individual.
  • Diverse career opportunities: As a security guard, you can build a diverse resume working different jobs. You will also work with all kinds of clients, which will help you grow your network and expand your career.
  • Meaningful work: When you enter the security sector, you enjoy the unique privilege of protecting people and keeping properties safe. Security can be a fulfilling and meaningful career for both yourself and the ones you serve.

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