Four Tips For Hiring Event Security

Four Tips For Hiring Event Security

In this article, read about four tips for hiring event security for your venue and what you should know before hiring any professional security services. Whether you are hiring event security for a week long conference, three-day convention, or even for a concert venue, hiring security personnel for your event is a must. Many establishments require a certified security guard to be present if alcohol is also present, but many require security for the influx of foot traffic at the event. It is important to factor in different aspects of security and what your event will need, whether it is hiring outside security, preparing with extra lighting and video surveillance for the event, or even a combination of more than one form of security. In this short read, we will highlight four important security aspects of an event to consider when figuring out the best security solution for your event.

#1. Assessing Your Property

When figuring out the type of security you may need for an event, our #1 piece of advice would be to assess your property. This includes configuring the amount of people who will be attending the event, prior security risks that may have affected the property, the size and type of property, possibly who is attending the event that may prompt for more security, etc. This means that if there is, for example, a Google event for 2,000 people throughout a week, they will need a different security plan than a large-scale event (ex. Stagecoach) would be needed for the property. This is because the amount of people, risks, and post instructions would be vastly different. Taking the time to walk the perimeter of the property and assessing different potential security risks will go a long way in the preparation and execution of the event.

concert goers behind a security barrier

#2. Increase Visibility

Another important tip to note is to make these preventative measures visible, and we mean VISIBLE! Visibility, lighting, and even having your security officers wear gear that makes them easily identifiable as security is very important in controlling all types of crowds. Yes, security guards, systems, alarms, lighting, and cameras are all there to protect the property and community in case something happens. Yet, different security measures are made to also be a preventative measure, and having visible security, foot patrol, cameras, and a well-lit event will decrease the chances of any type of mishap from occurring during the time of the event.

#3. Emergency Plans & Preparations

Our third tip for safe event security is a thorough emergency plan and preparations. For any type of event, having an emergency plan that notes all exits, what to do incase of different types of emergencies, and thorough post instructions for your security is crucial for an event to go well. All security guard officers should be notified within their post instructions on what to do incase of different types of emergencies. Our security guards are screened, trained, certified, and have knowledge of what to do in serious situations that may involve the fire department and the local police department. To also have specific post instructions for other types of emergencies (ex. If there is no water at a large-scale event, mosh pits, gates that separate sections on the property are faulty, etc.) will create a faster response.

#4. Outsource Your Security Early

Our last tip for event security is to source outside help in advance. For events, availability for most security guard companies is booked in advance due to availability. Planning for security in advance will increase the likelihood of confirmation of coverage for your event. Sourcing security guards for events is a way that property owners and event organizers do not have to hire a significant number of security guards on their own. This also helps with securing professional security, as security guard companies screen, interview, and train their guards. Hiring from a security guard company is very important, because the extra screening, background checks, etc. that we conduct for our guards guarantees an experienced and professional guard for your event.


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