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Every business owner and homeowner must confront some form of security issue, whether it’s staff safety, family safety, asset security, and data protection. These security issues require a robust security system to prevent any risk to the business or property. This can be physical damage, robbery, or theft.

Here’s where security guards come in. Unlike security systems such as alarms, security guards never malfunction or fail to protect and secure your premises. Additionally, criminals can’t bypass security guards as they have the training and experience required to protect properties and valuables.

Hiring a security guard service can save you or your company a lot of headache and stress that comes with invasions and break-ins. But, to achieve this peace of mind, you need to hire the right security guard company in Riverside.

Selecting a security guard service is a significant investment, and you want to find a company that provides unmatched and top-notch security services.


ENTER: The Guard Alliance Inc

The Guard Alliance Inc is a top-rated security guard firm in Riverside. We provide security guards, fire watch guards, and vehicle patrol services to the greater Riverside area. Our commitment is to meet the security needs of our residential and commercial clients by customizing our services to meet their specifications.


Our services

As one of the best security guard companies in the Riverside area, we offer an array of security guard services, including:

• Armed guards

• Unarmed guards

• Private security

• Fire watch services

We aim to provide high-quality security guard services and comprehensive security solutions to address several security issues, no matter how complex or severe they are. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us exactly what you need to secure your home, business, apartment, or school.

We incorporate advanced technology by using sophisticated video and audio recording systems and high-end patrol vehicles. So, you can trust as to respond quickly to emergencies, ensuring your safety.


Why you should use professional security guards

When choosing a security guard service, you need one that acts with professionalism and preparedness. That’s why, at the Guard Alliance Inc, our armed guards and unarmed guards have a professional and positive attitude in every situation.

Remember, only a professional guard with extensive training can provide you with the level of security you need without compromising on quality. Here are some reasons why you should use professional security guards.

1. Minimize loss

For businesses in the Riverside area, generating profit is vital to the success of a business. Unfortunately, assault, theft, and vandalism can cause a lot of damage, resulting in huge losses for your company. Luckily, having a security guard service deters many types of crime as it discourages criminals from targeting your facility.

Additionally, the presence of armed guards or unarmed guards demonstrates that your business environment is safe and secure, improving overall productivity. And, if there’s a break-in, security guards handle the situation before it gets out of control, minimizing any disruptions to your business.

2. Resolve security issues

As stated earlier, should a security threat arise, unarmed guards and armed guards are your first line of defense against the problem. They’re highly skilled and trained in defensive techniques and anti-terrorism. Therefore, they won’t hesitate or second guess decisions during a crime or unlawful invasion.

Instead, they’ll take charge by preventing the suspects from getting away, detaining them, interviewing witnesses, and securing victims. If necessary, security guards can help you prepare various reports, including a loss prevention report.

3. Gain a sense of security

Having a trained security guard patrol your business or home premises gives people a greater sense of protection and security. Your staff, clients, visitors, and loved ones feel more cared for if a guard is watching over them and identifying potential security threats.

This allows your employees to relax and perform better, boosting your company’s retention rate and increasing your clientele.

4. Get help immediately

Without security guards on your premises, you’re forced to wait for local authorities to respond to a security threat, which can result in more harm. For instance, if there’s an accidental fire, waiting for the local fire department can cause the fire to spread more, causing a lot of damage.

On the other hand, if a fire watch guard were on site, they would have responded quickly to control the spread, minimizing losses. Hence, hiring a security guard 24/7 ensures you can keep a security threat contained and prevent injuries.

5. Gives peace of mind

If you’re a business owner in the Riverside area, you know how being entrusted with the safety of others can be stressful. For instance, in case of a robbery that results in physical injuries, your employees may hold you liable, costing your business money.

Fortunately, you can hire armed guards or unarmed guards to avoid the stress and headaches that come with guaranteeing the safety of everyone. A security guard monitors your business facility 24/7 while maintaining its security so that you don’t have to. This allows you to focus on other core operations in your business.

6. Customer services

Security guards are trained in customer service to help your clients when they need help. This can be anything as simple as directing them to the right place or escorting them when they feel uneasy walking through a dark parking lot alone.

7. Maintain order

In times of unrest such as a strike, security guards are your best bet at maintaining order. They can protect employees or clients facing potential threats during demonstrations and prevent property damage by detaining suspects.

Additionally, security guards can help manage crowds during big business events, minimizing mob fights, riots, and crowd crushes.


Need security guard services in Riverside?

Whether you’re looking for retail guards, construction site guards, armed guards, or unarmed guards, The Guard Alliance Inc is your best shot at securing your property. When you work with us, you gain the advantage of working with the best and get better protection at a competitive price.

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