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Most of us wait until there’s a break-in or home invasion to secure our properties. Unfortunately, this reactive measure often causes more harm than good. That’s why we recommend getting a security home guard service as soon as possible.

Taking a proactive approach to your home, business, school, or retail store security is the best way to secure your property. It also ensures you can protect your loved ones, employees, and clients, promoting a safe and healthy environment.

Here’s where The Guard Alliance comes in. As a top-rated security guard service in the Philadelphia area, we provide quality security guard and firewatch services to residential and commercial clients. Our focus is on offering the best security solutions, regardless of how big or small your property’s security threats are.


What we provide

It always breaks our hearts when families and business owners reach out to us after a burglary or other criminal activity. This is because we know we have the resources and experience to prevent such threats, guaranteeing security.

Instead of waiting to get our security guard services, get in touch with us today to safeguard your premises. We’ll deter any criminal activities, ensuring you, your loved ones, or clients don’t feel violated, overexposed, and vulnerable.

In Philadelphia, here are some of the security guard services we provide:

  • Armed guards
  • Unarmed guards
  • Private security
  • Fire watch services

The Guard Alliance Inc has ten years of experience in providing unmatched and high-quality security guard services. So, you can trust us to secure your property, whether you’re in the construction, retail, or banking industry.


Why you need home security guard services

Are home security guard services worth it? This is a common question we get from first-time homeowners in Philadelphia, and the answer is yes.

The comfort that comes with having armed guards or unarmed guards monitoring and patrolling your home cannot be underestimated. A security guard service not only prevents break-ins but also responds quickly to emergencies before they escalate.

With a security guard service, you won’t have to worry about theft, burglary, or other robberies. You can unwind and relax at home, knowing our security guards are safeguarding your home premises.

At times, homeowners in Philadelphia opt for security systems as they’re cheaper and easy to install. However, security systems such as alarms fail, and some criminals know how to bypass them, compromising the security of your home. Fortunately, with a security guard service, you can prevent these mishaps from occurring while guaranteeing the security of your residence.

Unlike security systems, security guards can’t fail, and they keep a close eye on your property to identify any potential threats and dangers. Additionally, security guards are unpredictable, meaning they can alter their routines and routes, making it more difficult for criminals to determine where they are at a given time.

Our armed guards and unarmed guards are available 24/7. Therefore, they can protect your home and its valuables throughout the day, keeping your family safe from potential danger. If you’re still on the fence about getting a security guard service for your home in the Philadelphia area, here are some benefits of hiring one.

  • Protect and secure your home
  • Deter and prevent crime
  • Protect your home from fires
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Recognize potential hazards before they can be exploited
  • Monitor security systems


Why you need business security services

It’s no secret that businesses are a common target for theft and other crimes. However, some businesses such as retail stores and banks are more prone to vandalism, theft, burglary, and other criminal activities than other types.

That’s why most businesses choose to hire security guard services to prevent crime, maintain security, and assist employees and customers. The presence of an armed guard or unarmed security guard in your business premises provides a sense of security and peace of mind to you, your employees, and your clients.  This increases work productivity as employees feel safe and protected within the business environment.

In addition, businesses with security guards rarely experience break-ins and theft, as guards are a great deterrent to crime. Criminals always think twice before targeting a business that has armed guards in place.

Alternatively, if your business is big on customer service, you might want to consider hiring security guards for your front desk. They can act as a sentry to control access to your office building and operate your building’s front desk. A security guard can also direct your clients to the right location in your business promise or help people find products.

In Philadelphia, you can rely on our security guards to prevent crime as they’re trained to look for suspicions on the spot. They not only react to security breaches but also assess a situation and come up with effective security solutions.

Our armed guards and unarmed guards are trained in defensive tactics and anti-terrorism. Therefore, if there’s any crime, they can handle the suspects sensibly and detain them before handing them over to the local authorities.


Why hire The Guard Alliance Inc

All our security guards go through a stringent selection process that includes drug tests and background checks. This ensures we only hire trained and experienced security guards to protect your home or business premises 24/7.

Additionally, we have extensive training programs that our security personnel undertake to update and upgrade their security guard skills.

As one of the best security guard services in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That’s why we customize our security guard services to meet your security needs. Whether you need fire watch services or armed guards, we’re your one-stop-shop at securing your properties and protecting your loved ones.

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we act with professionalism, preparedness, and innovation. Since we’ve worked with numerous industries over the years, including apartments and retail stores, we have a wide knowledge base of security threats. This allows us to offer comprehensive security solutions to suit your needs.


Need a security guard service in Philadelphia?

Get in touch with us today to get your free and no-obligation quote.

Our Services

Unarmed Guards Service

We are staffed with licensed, well selected and highly trained unarmed security guards dedicated to their communities.

Armed Guards Service

Becoming an armed security guard in California is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.

Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties with well trained personnel that understand all procedures.

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