Commercial Properties

The Guard Alliance for securing Commercial Properties

Every commercial property requires a different set of security protocols.

While an independent retail store might just need one unarmed guard, office buildings, hotels, malls, and so on might need multiple numbers of both armed and unarmed guards.

The Guard Alliance provides the promise of security with active and vigilant security guards who stay on their toes to make sure that the security of your commercial property isn’t compromised.

We also specialize in night shift security guards and weekend shift security guards who make sure that your commercial property is safe and sound round the clock.

Keep your business 100% secure at all times with The Guard Alliance

Our corporate security guards are trained in security services ranging from front desk vigilance to 24×7 property monitoring.

Whether you are a 5-star hotel looking for security at your entrance or a high value IT company looking for armed guards, The Guard Alliance has security solutions for every type of commercial property.

Enable your staff and clients to feel completely safe and secure when they are inside your commercial property.

Our trained and professional security guards make sure not to put anyone at unease while they do their duties seamlessly. Bring your commercial property security woes to us, and we will help you straighten them out in no time.



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