Tips For A Safe Apartment Complex

Tips For A Safe Apartment Complex


Securing an apartment complex can be a challenging task. With these tips, it not only will be easier but you will be more prepared and aware for unexpected challenges in the future. Securing an apartment complex requires planning and overlapping security protocols to keep the residents and staff safe, and the layers of protection you provide will be the lines of defense against intruders.

Remember to always call the police if you see a criminal act being committed, as it is important to notify local authorities as well.


Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: 

No matter where you are in the nation, the sun will go down at some point and without proper lighting, it creates an easier avenue from criminals to break-in to apartments, cars, parking structures, and cause unwarranted damage to the property. By having large, ultra high-beam lights directed at all routes that  can enter, exit, and in the communal areas of the property, you are creating a smaller probability of theft and you are simultaneously keeping the residents and staff safe. This does not have to be a heavy price to pay to have good lighting, as many online stores sell solar powered flood lights for outdoor and indoor usage. Remember to do your research, and keep in mind that flight floods that work well with some types of properties may not be able to handle the conditions and weather of others.


Secure the Perimeter: 

If you have a fence around your property, it is important to make sure that there are no holes within the wiring, and to patch up any holes you may find. Some fences are harder to put holes in, such as steel fences, but it is important to make sure that all of the locks and gates are shutting and locking properly. Ace Hardware sells fence patches, which can also be used along the bottom of the fence as another way to secure from anyone who is trying to gain access. 


If you do not have a fence on your property, it is important to have some type of geofence or alarm system installed that triggers at motion, and records at different angles on your property. In the Article How Many Security Guard Cameras Do I Need?, the author shares that for a house, you will need 2 cameras in front, 2 in back, and three on the sides of your yards facing different directions (but also to not interfere or invade others privacy). So if an apartment complex is 6 buildings, the total amount would be around 30+ cameras to secure the property. Make sure the areas where the cameras are are well lit, as to make sure you can identify what is being recorded should any type of criminal activity happen.


 Physical Deterrent:

Whether it is mobile patrol visits or on-site security, protection for residents, staff, and visitors will be greatly increased with a physical deterrent. While there are upsides to hiring mobile patrol, a 20 minute visit of a property will not protect the residents if it occurs outside of the visit. Mobile patrol visits are still a better deterrent than having none at all, and it is important to emphasize when requesting a quote that you want the schedule to be at random times of the night, so as to not create a pattern. On-site patrol is the best option for apartment complexes, as many have buildings and pathways that need to be patrolled and secured at night. Laundry rooms, the leasing office, the recycling and trash areas, etc. are all places that at night may not have the best lighting, and a physical presence will lower the probability of a break-in. Depending on the property and area, it is important to research if your property would benefit from an armed guard, or unarmed guard.


When hiring security guards, make sure they come from an agency that background checks, screens, and trains their guards to handle different types of properties. The Guard Alliance Inc. provides unmatched on-site security for many apartment complexes, construction sites, and more because of our experience and dedication to securing all types of properties.


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