How Security Guard Services Enhance Auto Dealership Security

How Security Guard Services Enhance Auto Dealership Security

The Importance of Auto Dealership Security

Auto dealerships, whether for new or used vehicles, house valuable assets and this makes them prime targets for vehicle theft, break-ins, and other types of security issues. With the growing need for security and risk management protocols for properties, auto dealerships are increasingly turning to security guard services to safeguard their property and livelihoods. In this short read, we explore the important benefits of auto dealership security, and how taking steps for security ensures a safe environment for everyone.

The Role of Security Guards as Deterrents

Security guard services provide a physical presence that acts as a strong deterrent to potential criminals or would be assailants. By having armed or unarmed guards patrolling the premises, the visibility of security personnel sends a clear message that the dealership is well-protected. This presence alone discourages criminals from attempting illegal activities on the property, significantly reducing the risk of different types of theft including catalytic converter theft, vehicle theft, vandalism, and unwanted persons on the property. In an article written by JW Surety Bonds published in 2021, author Eric Weisbrot reports that “according to a study conducted by CDK Global in 2018, 63% of auto dealerships say they do not have a proper process in place to respond to security breaches on their networks.”

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Swift and Effective Responses

In the event of a security issue or with any suspicious activity, security guards are trained to respond promptly and effectively. While relying on CCTV cameras may be useful, they do not have the ability to stop break-ins, crimes, theft, etc. in real-time. Physical deterrents such as security guards can quickly assess a situation, take appropriate action, and contact local authorities for serious situations. Their ability to handle incidents efficiently helps minimize potential losses and ensures a safer environment for employees, customers, and valuable inventory.

Controlled Access and Verification

Car dealerships generally have showrooms, service areas, and storage facilities within their properties premise. Security guards play a crucial role in controlling access to these areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel and customers are allowed entry. By having the security guards monitor visitors, verify their identification, and maintain visitor logs, they help to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the property and preventing potential damages. Security officers are also trained in taking logs for those who come in and out of the property, and this ensures that everyone who enters or exits is accounted for.

Safeguarding Valuable Assets – Vehicles

The largest asset for dealerships are the vehicles. Security guards conduct vigorous vehicle inspections, ensuring that all vehicles are accounted for and fully secured. By maintaining the property and ensuring all of the cars within the premises are accounted for, security guards significantly decrease the chances of vehicle-related losses. The Federal Trade Commission reported that “In 2019, there were 38,561 identity theft reports related to auto loans and leases, which was a 105% increase from the previous year.” (FTC)


Reassurance and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The presence of security guards provides reassurance to customers visiting the dealerships, employees who work at the dealership, and enhances the overall sense of safety for the property. Customers are more likely to trust an establishment that prioritizes their well-being and invests in their security. With security guards on-site, customers can enjoy a stress-free experience, knowing that their safety is being prioritized. Enhanced customer satisfaction leads to positive reviews, repeat business, and ultimately, a stronger reputation for the auto dealership.

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