Why More Businesses Are Hiring Security Services in Austin, TX

Why More Businesses Are Hiring Security Services in Austin, TX

Since 2012, Austin’s City Council has been urging staff to hire security guards, as employing security guard companies is one way to secure properties and have other task forces for the city focus on larger security issues. In documentation for recommended action that was part of the city council agenda in April of this year, it was discussed that “five multi-term contracts for unarmed security guard services with IPSA Security Services, LLC” be part of the conversation, so the city could move to hiring security guards that may protect public areas and increase public safety. This is so that other task forces, such as the local police department, are able to tackle larger safety issues while private security guards provide professional protection for buildings, businesses, and public areas where crime rates are steadily growing. More businesses are hiring security services in Austin, TX, for various reasons that are provided within this short read.


Austin security guard officers are required to have high communication skills, experience with securing and patrolling various types of properties, and previous experience working with customer service. To provide a thorough and professional service for clients, security guard services in Texas must pass a criminal history background check, provide fingerprints, and be granted access by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which  regulates commissioned and non-commissioned security guard officers. Below, read more about the requirements of Austin, TX security guard officers. 


Austin, TX Security Guard Requirements


  • Monitoring and Patrolling: Security guard officers must train on the essential practices and procedures for various types of properties, and are required by most professional security guard companies to provide foot patrol for the perimeter of the company they are securing. In many cases, clients will request security guards to perform more specific tasks for the property, including hourly checks of the perimeter, to focus security in the parking garage, and other areas where buildings, properties, and areas may be more at risk to crime and theft.


  • Crime Prevention : Professional and experienced security guard staff are trained to be on high-alert for transient activity, catalytic converter theft, and suspicious activity to deter crime and theft. Unarmed and armed guards are both trained to be aware of different security risks for different types of properties.


  • Customer Management : Security guard officers do not only provide security guard services in terms of a deterrent for crime and theft, but as a point of safety that employees and visitors can rely on. Professional guards will create a safe environment and space for all visitors, and will follow the proper procedures when removing transients off of the property, responding to calls, and more.


Overall, security guard officers are increasing in Austin, TX as more and more businesses are utilizing security guards, security cameras, and other security options within their security protocol and procedures. More and more businesses want to layer protection and have found that enlisting in Austin Security Officers is more cost effective than paying for damages caused by crime and theft.

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