Hire The Top Fire Guard Services

Hire The Top Fire Guard Services

In this short read, learn more about how to hire the top fire guard services in the area, and how fire guard and fire watch services are vital for businesses.

Risk of Fire Incidents in the United States

In the U.S., a fire department responds every 24 seconds to a fire in some location in the country. Despite there being a reduction in the number of fires in recent years, some of the figures are concerning.

Fires are a serious threat to lives and property. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 1,318,500 fires occurred in 2018 that not only caused considerable deaths and injuries but resulted in losses worth $25.6 billion.

Causes and Impacts of Fires

The top causes of fire breakout are heating, cooking, lighting, and electrical distribution and smoking materials. Intentional acts are also a leading cause of fires. In California, more than seven thousand fires broke out in the last year in the wildfire season. Wildfires tend to consume everything in their paths and destroy many acres of land.

Fires are also the result of arson, violence, or negligence. Whatever the cause of the fire, it goes without saying that hiring the best fire watch services is the best way to prevent and control the consequences of a fire.

Importance of Fireguard Services

Highly trained fireguard teams offer expert fire watch services to multiple industries ranging from medical, industrial, construction, schools, offices, residential communities, and financial institutions.

For your Los Angeles-based industry, event, residential neighborhood, or hospital, engaging the most reliable fire watch services, Los Angeles can lay claim to is the best course of action. These fireguards are not only knowledgeable but are well-trained in responding to fire emergencies of any scale.

Choosing the Right Fire Watch Services

When you are looking to hire the top fire watch services, San Francisco residents depend on, evaluate if the fireguard service provider offers 24/7 services, and if the fire guards are trained on fire marshal procedures. The Guard Alliance fire watch guards are highly trained and work around the clock to ensure the safety of your property and employees. If you’re interested in hiring fire watch security, request a free quote below or contact us for more information.

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