Increasing Trends Within the Security Guard Industry

Increasing Trends Within the Security Guard Industry

Trends Shaping the Security Guard Industry

As businesses try to assimilate to the new “normal” during the end of this pandemic, trends are changing for the security guard services industry.

What has been highlighted this year has shown that the industry for security guards will increase by “15 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.” ( U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics) With this projection, and because of the pandemic, there are certain trends that will dominate this industry in 2022.

Investing in Guards’ Progress and Well-being

Investing in your guards’ progress, investing in health benefits (we provide dental, health, and vision at the Guard Alliance Inc.), paying a competitive salary for the area, and providing some type of field manager is very important to maintain a staff and to have employees who actually like working their jobs.

Due to the seriousness of security guard services, providing benefits for your employees is extremely important because they work 8/10/12 hour shifts, usually standing, in all different types of properties, construction sites, buildings, etc.

According to the website HR Morning, PTO, company perks, employee in-office perks, and general genuine caring for employees is now what is being sought out in every industry.

Flexibility for a Balanced Work-Life

Another trend we are seeing across many industries is that companies are actively working to be more flexible because in general, a wave of companies are creating a hybrid work environment to work with their employees to create a more balanced work & personal life.

Wall Street Journal reported that The Great Resignation saw “4.3 million people” leave their company in Sept. 2021 alone. To actively work on maintaining your company’s retention in an industry that is rapidly growing, creating a more flexible schedule and hiring more people (spending more $) will save you more $ from hiring, training, and obtaining new employees in the long run. Many companies refuse to adapt to the changing times, and that will lead to a loss of employees, respect, and willingness to work.

Flex Officers

The Guard Alliance Inc. specifically has Flex Officers that are specifically picked to cover our guards shifts in case of personal emergencies, COVID-19, etc. and they work different rates and shifts because of how reliable they are. To learn more about becoming a Flex Officer, visit our website today.

Increasing Focus on Training

The last trend that we have been seeing increase, specifically within the security guard service industry, is more training due to the increased requirements for diversity training, de-escalation training, and permit training for more than just a firearm. Many companies are now interested in taser training, de-escalation training (due to the significant rise of situations that could have been de-escalated but were not), and diversity training in general for a more intersectional workplace.

  • Diversity Training Certification: Diversity training certification can be found online, with many sites offering free training and enrollment for those who want to improve their interpersonal skills with all demographics.
  • De-Escalation Training Certification: De-escalation training is worth it in our opinion, and  can increase the pay a guard gets as well. On this website, you are able to take a certified guard course for mental health and de-escalation for under 70$.

There are many different types of taser certifications, so make sure you choose the right one if you want to get certified. To find out more about taser permits, training, and certification, please visit this website. These certifications are not required to be an armed guard or unarmed guard, but if you want to grow as a professional guard in the security industry in the future, it would definitely benefit you to refresh and grow your certifications and knowledge of security.

Trust The Guard Alliance’s Professional & Certified Security Guards

To learn more about security guard industry trends or other questions you may have about security services, check out our other blog posts and comment on how you feel! We would love to hear from you. If you’re interested in hiring security services, request a quote online today or contact us for more information.

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