How To Determine If You Need Armed Or Unarmed Security Guards

How To Determine If You Need Armed Or Unarmed Security Guards

In this article, learn about how to determine if you need armed or unarmed security guard services for your property and what the steps of the process are.

Wondering whether you should hire armed guards or unarmed guards to safeguard property and people? Whether you are looking to protect the business property or are looking for the best provider of event security Sacramento region has for your next event, it can be challenging to choose between armed and unarmed guards.

The security companies Sacramento businesses rely on typically offer both armed and unarmed security guards. While being fully licensed, these security guards are highly professional and undergo a rigorous training process apart from intensive background checks.

They also provide insured and fully licensed security guards for a range of properties in Sacramento from commercial properties, government facilities to residential complexes.

Which type of security services do you need?

Asking these questions can help you understand which type of security guards you require:

  • 1. What are you looking to protect?
  • 2. Are the goods or assets of high-value ?
  • 3. Are there specific threats, including high crime rate location, high-profile/vulnerable assets?
  • 4. Are the security guards required to operate behind the scenes or in a public space?


For most businesses, unarmed security guards adequately meet security needs. The primary goal of hiring unarmed guards is to deter crime and to resolve apprehension. The unarmed guards may be the right choice in public settings and certain facilities with increased public footfall as they offer a higher degree of comfort.

The best of the security guard companies area has, ensure the highest level of training for unarmed guards as well who observe and report threats or problems to local law enforcement if necessary.

Armed guards are the right choice if your business is located in violence/arson prone areas or the property that needs to be protected is of high value. They are extensively trained in firearms, pepper spray, stun guns, and in first aid as well.

Leading security guard companies in Sacramento ensure both armed and unarmed guards receive extensive training.

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