Ways To Keep Your Security Guards Motivated

Ways To Keep Your Security Guards Motivated

Strategies for Motivation and Improved Retention

Security Guards are the lifeblood of any security guard company because they are providing the services we are sought out by companies for; to secure and protect. Security companies may see a high retention rate or a high turnover rate, depending on the ways they treat their employees and the overall respect the employees have for management. Learn in this article ways that you can keep your security guards motivated, increase your company’s retention rate in the security industry.

In this read, learn about the many ways to keep your security guard motivated, and how providing healthcare, PTO, & a professional environment leads to success, such as:

Provide Them With A Familiar Work Environment

For security companies, the work environment for your security guard employees is much different than an office setting, and security companies need to prepare for that. For example, our company is contracted by thousands of business owners with a variety of property types, and it is the job of the security company to make sure that the guard has experience in a specific area that they may be working in. If they do not, onboarding with a field manager, or someone who can check in on the guard to make sure they are doing their job correctly, is important.

Equip Your Guards With The Right Resources

Patrolling on foot or in a car is a difficult task for most of us, and it can be difficult for security guards as well. With security guards, their job is to be consistently self aware, while also writing hourly reports of any activity they see that is sent out to clients and to our management. If activity does appear suspicious, they will interact and assess the situation.

  • Provide a Go-To Dispatch Number

Providing security guards with a go-to dispatch number for them to be connected on any site is extremely important for their safety, and for the safety of others.

  • Comfortable Uniforms

Also, providing guards with a comfortable uniform is important and will prepare them for outdoor sites (construction sites, parking garages, etc.).

  • Digital Schedules

With scheduling, it is important to have a software to send schedules out to the security guards, and to make sure they can clock in and out accordingly.

Empowering Security Guards for Success

Providing these tools to guards will make their shifts run more smoothly, and will help your security management in keeping track of the security guard employees. Providing resources for your guards to grow is also essential, and shows them that you care enough to supply them with information so they can increase their paycheck. Armed guards usually make more money than unarmed guards, but there are more specific requirements that some clients do seek out. Highlighting ways for growth for your employees will create more motivation, and show them that you want them to grow within your company.

Become Acquainted With Your Staff

Security guards put their life on the line at times to protect individual clients or properties, and it is our job as a security company to protect them. Becoming acquainted with security guard employees, learning more about their lives and working with them to create a schedule they like, not only keeps them motivated but will highlight to the staff that they have a company that does care about them. Simply put, caring and showing compassion for employees can sometimes be more important than any perk. Speaking respectfully and letting your staff know that they are being heard, is something that can not be taken lightly.

Benefits, Perks, and More

Many companies do not provide health benefits to their employees, and will write them off as contractors to save money and to distance themselves from responsibility. Within security guard companies, providing benefits is essential and will bring loyal, hardworking employees to your company. Providing perks, or monthly contests for employees, is another way to keep employees happy and content within their jobs. Having a photo contest, or some type of interactive contest is a great way to make employees feel special. This is a great way to help your employees feel seen over social media, and will boost the morale of the company if they see that you, as a company, are proud of your employees.

For example, in the month of March our security guard company had a “March Gladness” photo contest for our employees, where they could send in photos in their uniforms. The best photo was chosen, and the guard received a 40$ gift card of their choice. These interactive events for employees not only keeps them occupied, but it adds a little extra fun in an overall serious job environment.

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