Security & Fire Watch Services Help Teams During Heatwaves

Security & Fire Watch Services Help Teams During Heatwaves

Weather services across the United States are reporting record temperatures this week, in what is predicted to be a summer season defined by excessive heat. Conditions in parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona are already being described by authorities as “life-threatening” at the time of this article’s writing. The National Weather Service is advising communities in all affected states to take appropriate precautions while temperatures remain in the triple digits.

Organizations across the country are making preparations to ensure the safety of their teams during the difficult weeks ahead. Heat waves increase day-to-day threats to health, property, and productivity, and decision-makers are advised to adjust their risk management strategies accordingly. During previous heat waves, security guard services were often pressed to capacity as organizations struggled to get extra coverage on short notice.

Security and fire watch guards are a proven and cost-effective way to reduce the risk profile of any job site. Security companies provide added surveillance to reduce threats on-site and eliminate any heat-induced liabilities that may fall on stakeholders. It’s important to understand the types of worksite risks that increase during heatwaves, as well as the remedies that are available to folks who plan ahead.

Heightened Risks During Heatwaves 

Fire Damage 

Readers in regions affected by wildfires know that periods of extreme heat pose an existential threat. Dry ground and increased air temperatures create the ideal conditions for embers to ignite any flammable materials within a mile. Already in 2024, The Corral Fire has consumed more than 14,000 acres in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Facility operators in the surrounding area are encouraged to connect with reliable fire watch services to assess on-site fire risks.

Power Outages 

Extreme heat has coincided with power outages in every US region since 2012. Power outages can shut down facilities, leave team members stranded, expose critical assets, and render safety infrastructure inoperable. Worst of all, decision-makers may go hours without knowing the extent of a power-outage-related problem. Facility operators often deploy private security guard services after an outage has occurred just to help assess the extent of damages.

Increased Crime 

During extended heatwaves, crime often increases alongside rising temperatures. This can be exacerbated when power outages render emergency services and build-in security systems inoperative. Any physical locations with high concentrations of valuable items – retail stores, inventory warehouses, open-air construction sites – are uniquely vulnerable during extended heat waves. Existing security may prove insufficient, and decision-makers may need to source additional security guard services on short notice.

Health Effects 

Facility operators need to be aware of the negative health effects associated with periods of extreme heat. Occupied buildings must meet minimum standards of comfort and usability, and owners held responsible if they fail to keep systems in working order. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion claim hundreds of Americans each year, and facility operators may find themselves liable in some circumstances. On-site security guards need to be aware of the warning signs that could lead to serious health repercussions – that way, anyone they encounter on their patrols can be advised to take appropriate action.

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Security and Fire Watch Guards Help Reduce Risk

Security Guards Helps Limit the Spread of Fire 

In regions affected by wildfires, additional security guards are almost always needed to maintain surveillance on critical assets, and notify authorities if embers become an issue. Fire watch is also an essential, preventative measure during periods of extreme heat. Well-trained fire watch guards can assess fire risks at job sites to help prevent wildfires from sparking and spreading. Fire watch guards are also needed if “Hot Work” such as welding or torching is taking place at construction sites during periods of heightened fire risk.

Power Outages Demand Fire Watch Guards 

Power outages can easily knock-out your building’s built-in fire safety systems. If those systems are inoperative for more than four hours in a 24-hour period, the local fire marshal may order an evacuation of your facility. If you live in a region affected by wildfires, fire authorities will be especially vigilant, and quick to penalize non-compliance. Be sure to source a reliable fire watch security guard company in your area so you’ll have access to fire watch experts as soon as they are needed on-site.

Add Short-Term, On-Site Security 

If you manage a large facility, heat waves may stretch your existing security staff beyond their capabilities. Increased rates of crime, fire, and health complications could prevent your security staff from clocking in, or result in them being too busy to deal with emergent threats. Managing your risk profile effectively could mean having to outsource temporary, additional security. It is helpful in these instance to have a preexisting relationship with a security guard service that can reliably deploy to your location.

Keep an Eye Out for Your Personnel 

The effects of heat exhaustion can go unnoticed, even by those affected. It’s important for teams to watch out for one another during periods of extreme heat. Security guards positioned at entrances can help observe individuals entering and exiting the premises, providing water and assistance to any folks in dire need. Adding courteous, well-dressed, unarmed security guards to your facility can help improve peace of mind for all occupants during heatwaves.

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Contact The Guard Alliance Inc.

The Guard Alliance was founded over a decade ago in The Bay Area, and our team members have witnessed many periods of heightened heat and fire risk. In 2024, we’ve already seen a record number of requests for fire watch security guards in regions affected by extreme heat. Often, these requests come after increased fire risks have been announced by local authorities, and teams scramble to arrange coverage on short notice.

We strongly encourage everyone in our network – especially our neighbors in California, and other states affected by wildfires – to connect with a reliable security and fire watch guard service before guards are needed on site. The Guard Alliance reliably services hundreds of communities across the United States, and can typically deploy guards to jobsites within hours. Contact our dispatch office for more info, and stay safe this summer.

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