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Protecting your family, property, or business in the Tri-State area is a challenge that seems to get more complicated over time. To mitigate the risks of property loss and physical harm, individuals and organizations in Cincinnati, OH are relying on security guard services in greater numbers each year.  Having ready access to a trustworthy security company in Ohio can help ensure the safety of your commercial or residential property. Often the mere presence of a well-trained and professionally dressed security guard is an effective deterrent to criminal activity. Security guards from The Guard Alliance receive industry-leading training and are ready to discourage burglars and other lawbreakers from targeting your property.

About Our Cincinnati Security Guard Company

The Guard Alliance was founded by a former security guard and mathematician who recognized the need for a guard force with superior training that would be capable of deploying within hours. Since 2010, we have provided security and fire watch guards for individuals and organizations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and across the Buckeye State. Our team is composed of highly skilled security personnel who embody our core values of professionalism, innovation, and preparedness. As one of the most reliable security guard companies in the United States, you can enjoy peace of mind safeguarding your critical assets with help from The Guard Alliance.

What Makes Our Cincinnati Security Guard Company Unique?


No Long Term Contracts

We prioritize flexibility when providing security services in Cincinnati, OH. Our clients can adjust or terminate services free from contractual obligations. This flexibility allows you to adjust your schedule or cancel services as needed. Doing things this way - combined with the experience and professionalism of our guards - has helped us build one of the highest retention rates in our industry.

24-Hour Availability

Trouble doesn’t stop at 5 pm, which is why our 24/7 dispatch center has been crucial to our success as a security and fire watch company operating in Ohio. Our dispatchers are ready to communicate instructions, report incidents, manage emergency calls, and ensure the safety of everyone on site.

GPS Monitored Guards

The Guard Alliance uses the latest GPS technology to track our guards’ hours, patrols, and incident reports. Our 24/7 dispatch center creates geofences around patrol areas and notifies clients if a guard detects an issue or strays from their assigned patrol route. Reports are generated in real-time to improve response time for our Cincinnati clients.

Licensed, Insured, & Ready to Serve

Unlike most Cincinnati security guard companies, our guards boast licensing and coverage well above the minimum state requirements. By default, our guards are covered for up to $1 million per incident, with additional coverage available for clients with specific liability concerns.

Our Security Guard Service Options in Cincinnati

The Guard Alliance is one of America’s fastest-growing and most reliable security companies, deploying highly trained and experienced guards across Ohio. We provide flexible security solutions customized to meet the needs of our clients, including unarmed guards, armed guards, fire watch services, and patrol vehicles. We can customize a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of any organization in Cincinnati.

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Unarmed Guards

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Armed Guards

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Fire Watch Service

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Patrol Vehicle Guards

Cincinnati skyline at night

Trust The Guard Alliance for Security Guard Services in Cincinnati, OH

Having access to reliable security companies in Cincinnati, OH is essential for smooth business operations. Our team is experienced, licensed, and bonded beyond state requirements, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from working with industry-leading security providers. We are ready to deploy to your Cincinnati location today.

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