The Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards From A Security Company

The Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards From A Security Company

In our day-to-day lives, we often travel past banks, private and public organizations, airports, resorts, construction sites, and various other properties to get to our destinations.

All of these types of properties apply security methods to protect and secure from potential crime and theft on the premises so their business can grow. Agencies in need of security guards need to be able to trust that the security guards they hire are equipped to perform their duties, are properly certified, trained, and are professionally screened to guarantee that they are able to provide the proper security protection.

Whether these security methods are security cameras, a security guard presence, or other security measures combined for a strengthened security foundation, solutions are being sought more and more frequently for protection. People, companies, agencies, and enterprises are finding ways to protect themselves from outwardly harm, and this includes hiring security personnel who are certified professionals and who have experience in the field.

Benefits of Professional Security in Our Day-to-Day Lives

Hiring professionals from a certified and licensed security guard company comes with a variety of benefits that provide extra layers of protection for the agency, property, business, construction zone, etc. and ultimately, more peace of mind for the client, including:

Around The Clock Coverage

When hiring from a security guard company with a 24-hour dispatch center, for example, clients are able to call in and inquire about their properties with a customer service representative from the company. Security guard companies require constant communication from all of our security guard personnel and management, and if a situation were to arise, clients would have faster access to communicate and have updated information.

Fully Screened Expert Security Guards

If one were to put a security guard post in the paper, they would not have the extra screenings and protection that security guard companies provide all of their clients. Before taking a step onto any type of property, The Guard Alliance Inc. ‘s security guard professionals are screened, professionally evaluated, and their history is checked to determine if they are the right person for the property.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Security Services

Security guard companies must obtain a multitude of state-issued licensing to qualify as a security company, which can be seen in the quality and output of service provided. These companies must be licensed and comply with the safety and operational procedures of the state, which includes an insurance policy that is fully bonded and insured. This guarantees that if any crime or theft occurs on the property, that the property owners will not be in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Providing each service with an insurance policy that pays up to 1 million dollars per service is a guarantee that, regardless of circumstance, the property will be secured.

When choosing to hire from a professional security guard company, make sure to inquire about their insurance policies, their certified security professionals, and the other services that they may offer with their security solutions.

Choose The Guard Alliance When Looking for a Security Guard Company

The Guard Alliance Inc. offers 24-hour dispatch support for our security guard employees and clients, 24-hour coverage of properties, hourly reports that can be sent to the client, and other solutions that can be customized to any type of property. Request a free quote online to get started or give us a call for more information about our security company.


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