Armed Guards vs Unarmed Guards

Armed Guards vs Unarmed Guards

In many different property and business models, security guards are utilized within security protocols as another layer of protection from outside threats. When deciding the best option for safeguarding a property, business and property owners will need to decide whether the security protocol and risk management needs armed security guards or unarmed security guards. While both excel at deterring transient activity, suspicious persons from the property, and providing a general feeling of safety, there are a few key differences with each service. Within this blog, learn more about armed guards vs unarmed guards, and what guard service would be the best for your company.


While unarmed security guards do not carry firearms, they may be able to utilize batons, pepper spray, a flashlight, and other items that do not need a permit (depending on the state of service. Please look into your state and county to learn the qualifications of what each type of security guard needs). By determining the threats to the property and any security issues, one can determine what type of security service is better suited to what their business needs.


Unarmed Guards:


Unarmed guards are utilized for a property where the threat activity is generally low for the property or even for a preventative service. Clients that have had issues with transient activity, suspicious persons entering the property, graffiti on the property, stolen equipment, and building vandalism should be more inclined to hire unarmed security, as these issues require a presence to lower the occurrences on the property. While there are many other types of properties that utilize security services, the most common are areas that have had lower urgency types of crimes, and where the crimes are mainly non-physical.


Some common places where unarmed guards are utilized are…


  • Residential buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels
  • Residential homes
  • Industrial sites
  • Storage unit properties
  • Recreational areas
  • Parking garages
  • Commercial properties


High-risk properties, such as properties that have had a plethora of prior security issues that include physical confrontations with weapons, threats of violence, for a high-risk property such as copper wire on the property, a bank, hospital, a building that is under construction, or areas where crime is more prevalent, would benefit more from an armed guard on their property.


Some common places where armed guards are utilized are….


  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites with valuable equipment
  • Water plants, power plants, irrigation plants
  • Survey teams
  • Schools under threat
  • High-risk properties with serious prior security issues
  • Museums
  • High-end retail stores


Many properties may differ with their security and risk management needs for their property, and should always ensure that they are selecting security guard officers that are from an insured and bonded security guard company. This means that there is extra protection for the property owner, as each occurrence from the security guard company is insured (the amount of insurance will vary from company to company). Security guard companies also provide additional perks within their service, such as 24-hour dispatch, daily activity reports from the guard encompassing what they performed during their shift, and more.


The Guard Alliance Inc. is a completely insured and bonded security company that provides armed guards, unarmed guards, onsite guards with a patrol vehicle, and fire watch patrol guards to new and existing clients in over 14 states nationwide. Call our main office at (800) 230 – 7015 or submit an inquiry for an estimate on our website.

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