The Guard Alliance Inc. : Our History and Services

The Guard Alliance Inc. : Our History and Services

Our History and Services provides insight for our company, our customizable services, and the inception of our company. Learn more today about how our history and our professionalism has shaped the company that The Guard Alliance Inc. is today.

The Guard Alliance Inc. started as a powerful idea from the CEO and founder, Souleymane Ball, in the early 2000s. Working as a security guard through college and earning a mathematics degree from a California State University, Ball saw that there was an opportunity to not only create a security guard company from the ground up, but to help as many communities as he could along the way. Our history and services continue to expand as we help more people, places, properties, and communities. 

Founded in 2010, The Guard Alliance Inc. began with three main principles in mind, and those principles were..
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Preparedness

With these principles in mind, The Guard Alliance Inc. began to flourish and grow into 7 different California locations that provided professional security services. The locations that The Guard Alliance Inc. originally serviced, before expanding to other states outside California, included San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, and Northern California as well.

With agencies that have not been able to find a professional security guard company that fit their expectations, The Guard Alliance Inc. has become their number one choice. Not only does our company provide professional security services, but our company also provides professional fire watch services as well. The trust and experience we place in our trained and certified professionals is the trust that agencies place in us, and with five new locations this year alone, it is clear that our professionalism speaks for itself.

The Guard Alliance Inc. offers same-day estimates for potential clients who want to learn more about us and our services, and this alone sets us apart from other companies. No longer will people, companies, and communities have to wait 30+ days to secure professional services and coverage, because safety and security should never be delayed.

Along with our same-day estimates for returning clients, potential clients, and more, our company offers 24-hour dispatch services for real-time, updated information and for a thorough line of communication. Whether there are last minute emergencies, changes in post-instructions, or other important matters; The Guard Alliance Inc.’s dispatch department is always available to provide unmatched customer service to our clients.

Our company requires that all of our guards, whether fire watch professionals or professional security guards, provide daily activity reports (DARs) for our clients and our management team. These reports guarantee that any suspicious activity, persons, transients, etc. are documented and reported immediately to the proper channels. The Guard Alliance Inc. also implements tracking software that our management uses to guarantee that our guards are safe, secure, and patrolling the properties during the schedule of service.

With all of our benefits and the experience our company provides, it is no wonder that The Guard Alliance Inc. is growing exponentially and will continue to do so. For clients who are interested in our services, we offer an extensive list of customizable security and fire watch solutions to choose from. To request an estimate, all one has to do is submit an inquiry to our website, or call our main line at 800-230-7015.

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