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Unarmed Security Services in San Francisco, CA

Unarmed security services in San Francisco, CA, are the ideal way to protect a residential or commercial property, construction site or any other lower-risk site from vandals, thieves and crime. 

Where the level of threat does not require an armed security professional, you can count on The Guard Alliance. Our unarmed guards protect your San Francisco people and property.



San Francisco’s Best Unarmed Security Guards

The Guard Alliance is proud to serve San Francisco commercial property owners, construction site managers and other clients with a first line of defense against crime. Our experienced, highly trained unarmed security guards include former law enforcement agents, retired military personnel and experienced security guards.

Our professional unarmed guards can be a visible security presence at your San Francisco site, deterring crime before it happens. Guards can conduct surveillance work, monitor suspicious activity, gather evidence that can be used in court, intercept trespassers and even call for emergency backup in the event a situation escalates. 


Best-In-Class San Francisco Unarmed Security Company

If you’re looking for unarmed security services in San Francisco, CA, The Guard Alliance is the right choice. We’re considered among the premier San Francisco unarmed security guard companies in the area, and we’re routinely called in for important monitoring and security work. The Guard Alliance has even been featured in the news for our work. 


Why Choose Our Unarmed Security Services in San Francisco?

There are many reasons why property managers and owners looking for unarmed security companies in San Francisco choose The Guard Alliance:

  • A highly skilled team of unarmed guards: Our unarmed guards and armed guards undergo multiple qualifications and take ongoing, rigorous training so they’re ready for any threat. 
  • A range of services: In addition to unarmed security guard services in San Francisco, we also offer armed guards, onsite guards with vehicle services and fire watch services. If your needs change, The Guard Alliance can still bring you the security services you need. You can even cancel your unarmed security services at any time with 24-hour notice, for added flexibility. 
  • Many locations: The Guard Alliance is a San Francisco unarmed security company with licensing in California and many other states. We’re also in many major metro areas, so if you have an out-of-state event requiring security or have multiple properties across state lines, The Guard Alliance is your one-stop solution. 
  • Insurance coverage: We have chosen to be bonded and insured five times over the industry-required minimums, with $5 million liability insurance for every job and $1 million workers’ compensation coverage for every guard. 
  • A track record of security excellence: In California, we were featured in the evening news for our security work during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also routinely provide fire watch for California wildfire seasons. In 2023, we were certified “Corporate Ready” by the Golden State Warriors and United Airlines. Some of the top companies and fire departments already turn to us when they need security. 
  • Pricing transparency: We never charge hidden fees, and we provide same-day estimates so you can budget accurately. 
  • Quick turnaround: In San Francisco and in most major cities, we can dispatch unarmed guards to a new job in as little as three hours. If you notice a security threat, we can start protecting your site fast. 


Contact The Guard Alliance for Your Unarmed Security Guard Services in San Francisco

Are you looking for unarmed security services in San Francisco? Contact The Guard Alliance today to get peace of mind.


Armed Guards

Becoming an armed security guard in San Francisco California is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.


Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties in San Francisco, CA with well-trained personnel that understand all fire watch service procedures.


Onsite Guard With Patrol Vehicle

Our vehicle security patrol services in San Francisco, CA are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully customized to meet your unique needs.




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