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Unarmed Security Services in Miami, Florida

Regardless of the size and type of property you own in Miami, it’s essential to understand that you can be vulnerable to concerns like vandalism and theft. While installing security cameras and alarms is a great first step, the best way to keep your property secure is with unarmed security guards. When you partner with The Guard Alliance for your security needs, our team will keep you and your property safer. Request a quote to learn more about the many benefits of our services!



Your Go-To Choice for Reliable Unarmed Security Guard Services in Miami

Since creating The Guard Alliance, we have become one of the top unarmed security companies in Miami due to our ability to provide top-quality services for residential, commercial and construction sites. Our team of former military personnel, security guards and law enforcement officers has extensive training and experience to enable them to handle threats effectively. With monitoring the area, deterring potential criminal activity and providing peace of mind, The Guard Alliance’s unarmed security services offer many benefits, such as:

No Long-Term Contracts

We understand your security needs can change rapidly. We do not have long-term contracts, and all clients can change their security service schedule or cancel services at any time.

A 24-Hour Dispatch Center

Our 24-hour dispatch center enables our guards and supervisors to be in constant contact during incidents or emergencies. Clients can also reach us anytime to alert us of last-minute changes or instructions.

GPS-Monitored Activities

All unarmed guard services include access to a complimentary tracking system connected to our 24-hour dispatch center. With this 24/7 tracking system, our team will monitor your guards’ every move to ensure they are safe and performing their required duties. We will also send data reports each morning.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We want to offer as much peace of mind as possible, which is why our company and guards are up to date on all licensing. Unlike other Miami unarmed security guard companies, our insurance policy exceeds minimum requirements, with $1 million in coverage for workers’ compensation and $5 million in liability insurance.

Why Choose The Guard Alliance as Your Miami Unarmed Security Company?

Having peace of mind that your property and assets are safe is invaluable. At The Guard Alliance, we understand the importance of this feeling, so we offer comprehensive unarmed security services to meet your property’s needs. Some additional benefits our unarmed security services can provide are:

  • Visible crime deterrent: Having visible security on your property is often enough to deter robberies, vandalism and other crimes.
  • Positive image: Hiring an unarmed guard can help improve your company’s reputation by creating a safe and friendly atmosphere.
  • Affordability: If you have a smaller budget or cannot afford a significant security program, unarmed guards are often affordable, as you will not have to pay additional fees like firearm maintenance.

Request a Quote Today!

At The Guard Alliance, keeping your property safe is our priority. Our flexible unarmed security services enable us to personalize the level of security we provide to meet your property’s needs. We invite you to request a quote today to learn more about how we can keep your property safer!


Armed Guards

Becoming an armed security guard in Miami, Florida is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.


Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties in Miami, FL with well-trained personnel that understand all fire watch service procedures.


Onsite Guard With Patrol Vehicle

Our vehicle security patrol services in Miami, FL are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully customized to meet your unique needs.




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