Charlotte is a prominent travel destination for business and leisure. While the city is booming with public tours, craft breweries, sports venues and museums, there is also an ever-changing crowd of people walking near your residential or commercial property. Large populations are great for bringing in new customers, but there’s a chance someone could be on your property for the wrong reasons.

Working with The Guard Alliance for unarmed security services in Charlotte enables you to deter crime. Maintain your welcoming environment while protecting structures, assets and people.

Why Companies in Charlotte Choose The Guard Alliance for Unarmed Security Services

Jeopardizing the safety of employees, original products and assets is a problem of the past. Choose us for unarmed security services to see these advantages for yourself:

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Convenient Locations

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Fast Scheduling

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Little Financial Risk

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Assorted Services

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Top-Notch Unarmed Security Guards Serving Charlotte

The initiative behind unarmed security services is to control situations before they spiral into issues requiring police involvement. Unarmed guards act as a security presence to remind trespassers that there is personnel ready to intervene when something appears out of the ordinary.

Whether someone is attempting to vandalize building surfaces or steal from your company, our guards take a professional approach to crime management. Schedule our services in Charlotte when you’d like to gather security footage, question trespassers and collect potential evidence to be used in court but are short on time.

Rely on unarmed coverage when there is a small chance of violent crime. The Guard Alliance knows when to call for backup, but choosing the right service helps you feel at ease while you’re working.

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Covering Several Industries in Charlotte

At The Guard Alliance, we can handle numerous situations. Our guards pass a rigorous interview and training process before serving you. We build our in-house team of security professionals by recruiting the finest candidates — retired military and law enforcement personnel. We also accept applications from current and past security guards with years of experience near Charlotte.

Have our security crews protect and secure apartments, construction zones, financial institutions and banks, academic buildings, retail environments, warehouse facilities and corporate office buildings in your area.

Other Charlotte Security Guard Services We Provide

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Armed Security Guards

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Firewatch Services

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Patrol Vehicle Guards

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Making Sure That No Security Threats Disrupt Your Business Or Your Personal Life in Charlotte Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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At The Guard Alliance, we are passionate about what we do. We care for properties as if they belong to us and are willing to answer your questions about any of our services. When you partner with us, our work is backed by $5 million liability insurance coverage. Get the peace of mind you deserve by calling our office to schedule today.

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