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Unarmed Security Services in Austin, Texas

While you may have security cameras and an alarm system to keep your property in Austin safe, it only takes one incident to throw your security measures off track and tarnish the reputation of your business or property. Luckily, when you partner with The Guard Alliance, you’ll have access to comprehensive unarmed security services to keep you, your customers and your employees safe. Learn more when you request a quote!



What Are Unarmed Security Services?

Unarmed security guards are security professionals who do not carry a weapon. However, an unarmed security guard may carry a nonlethal weapon such as a baton or pepper spray. Unarmed security guards help maintain a safe and secure environment by patrolling, performing access control and investigating any disturbances.

Why Unarmed Security Guards Are an Excellent Choice for Your Property

As one of the top unarmed security companies in Austin, The Guard Alliance offers numerous benefits for your residential, commercial or construction site. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Affordability: Unarmed guards are typically cost-effective because you will not have to pay additional fees like firearm maintenance.
  • A positive reputation: Having unarmed guards present can aid in building an upscale or inviting image and create a relaxed, welcoming environment. 
  • Visible deterrent: In most cases of petty crime, the sight of security is enough to deter criminals.
  • Peace of mind: While unarmed guards do not have a weapon, they undergo extensive training to offer swift action when facing a threat so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Benefits of Choosing The Guard Alliance As Your Austin Unarmed Security Company

At The Guard Alliance, we only hire the best security guards and require all employees to undergo an intensive interview process, including drug tests, multi-level interviews and background checks. Some additional benefits of choosing us for your security needs in Austin include:

  • Full insurance coverage: Unlike other Austin unarmed security guard companies, we insure all jobs and employees above the required limits. All jobs are under $5 million in liability insurance, and all guards are under $1 million in workers’ compensation.
  • GPS-monitored guard tours: Our guard services have a free tracking system. Our dispatch system will monitor our guards and their actions — like patrols, tours and breaks — to ensure you get the security you are paying for.
  • 24-hour dispatch center: All customers have free access to our 24-hour dispatch center. Our dispatch center enables our guards and supervisors to contact managers during incidents, and clients can call 24/7 and on holidays for any last-minute adjustments.
  • No long-term contracts: We allow you to cancel your security services at any time with 24 hour notice, and we do not require clients to enter long-term contracts to utilize our services.

Contact the Team at The Guard Alliance Today

Whether you need unarmed security to patrol the premises, monitor your security cameras or serve as a visual deterrent for crime, our professional security team can do it all. Request a free quote to learn more about how our unarmed security guard services in Austin can keep your business safer!


Armed Guards

Becoming an armed security guard in Austin, Texas is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.


Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties in Austin, TX with well-trained personnel that understand all fire watch service procedures.


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