Fire Watch Services in Redding, CA

Fire detection systems often need to be supplemented with fire watch personnel – especially when there is a malfunction or outage. Professionally trained fire watch guards provide additional peace of mind for homeowners, businesses, and organizations dealing with fire threats onsite.

The Guard Alliance has offered fire watch services as part of our core offerings since our founding in 2010. Our offices are based in Northern California, so we are no strangers to increased fire risk. We’ve been proud to help individuals in Redding and other parts of NorCal keep their assets safe and protected.

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Benefits of Fire Watch Personnel

Automatic fire prevention systems are required by law. As these systems age or suffer damage, there may be long periods of time where assets are virtually unprotected. This could result in massive losses and complex liabilities if any fault is found with system operators. A set of trained human eyes is often the best way to mitigate fire risk and prepare for every eventuality.

The Guard Alliance’s fire watch personnel ensure your team is ready for emergencies. Organizations involved in “hot work” – such as construction sites with open flames – would do well to add fire watch guards to their overall risk management strategy.


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What to Expect When You Hire Fire Watch Services in Redding

Most often, our fire watch guards are called when a client needs additional security for “hot work”, or when a fire suppression system is out of commission for some reason. Our guards are deployed ready to work: they’re provided knowledge of your site and are able to draw from prior fire watch experience by patrolling problem areas.

We support our team with 24/7 coverage, and generate daily reports for our clients to review. As a multifaceted security company, we can supplement fire watch with other guards services as needed to further mitigate risk on your job site.

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Trust The Guard Alliance

We have a large roster of fire watch guards ready to deploy in Redding and across Northern California. Our guards come with extensive experience and all necessary certifications in place – we are not in the habit of sending rookies to secure your vital assets.

A 24/7 dispatch center and GPS tracking software support our guards in the field so that no incident is ever handled solo. Your assets are secured with the help of our cross-functional team and robust system of checks and double-checks. Since our experts are state-licensed, we’ll keep you compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

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Fire Watch Services that Protect People and Properties in Redding Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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Curious About Fire Watch Security Services in Redding?

If there are any gaps in your fire detection system – or if you are unsure – arranging a site visit may be the best way to protect your assets. We are standing by, ready to provide information, custom pricing, and expert advice.

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